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Published on Mar 25, 2014

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About Yelping Yuena:
The concept began when I was very young and always went out to eat. Whenever my friends would ask around on where to eat, or go on a date or just to hang out I was had an answer. I'm the type of person that once I know something is good I won't shut up about it. On a date with my best friend, we were talking about jobs I should pursue and I can only do something I'm passionate about and Food Critic came up. However he said I should probably start with Yelp and since I had already had some Youtube videos we collectively came up with Yelping Yuena with its one of a kind Food Video Review that has never really been consistently done before. Here I will only recommend restaurants I only like because well I was taught if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it! Thank you for stopping by here. I hope you guys enjoy the videos and look out for more! :D

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This week we decided to go:
8331 Broadway
Elmhurst, NY 11373
(646) 525-1432

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Food recommended:
Oolong & Rose Milk Tea
Meal Combo: Drink + Taro Fries - $3.75
Meal Combo: Drink + Crispy Fried Chicken - 4.50
Beef Paper Hotpot - $9.99

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Food Review
How do you say cute in 143 different languages??

Disclaimer: Before you read this review understand that I'm a little bias. First off, I LOVE PANDAS. THEY ARE THE CUTEST ANIMAL EVER and just like them I was also made in China. Two, I LOVE hotpot and different ways of hotpotting. Last I know the owner. She had opened a café a few years ago on the same block called "Oz Café" and a lot of people (me) missed it when they sold the place. No but seriously a lot of people that isn't me.

Now on to the good stuff: whenever a new place opens in Elmhurst, I just become automatically drawn to it. With a title like Panda Café... seriously? Did I mention my favorite animal was Pandas? Well now you know. Anyways it's pretty much a cross between a restaurant and a fast food restaurant, which I guess, is a Café. You pay when you order but you can sit down and they still sorta service you. The interior is very cute. Definitely made more popular for the younger generation.

The first thing I tried was their Oolong Milktea and my friend tried the Rose Milktea. They're both pretty settle but sweet and got that tea essence if you know what I'm talking about. Their meal combos are super cheap so you can have a drink and a snack for less than 5 bucks! The dishes that come with are really creative. Taro Fries, Sweet Potatoe Fries -- both sweet and crispy. The third combo is the Corndog, I don't believe I've ever seen a corn dog on any menu in Elmhurst. The Clam chowder is also very unique the soup is served in a fried bread bowl! It was surprisingly good.

Okay so now I'm going to dedicate a whole paragraph to Paper Hotpot. What is that might you ask. Well they basically took my favorite food in the world and made it even more awesome. They created a special way for the paper to absorb the oil so it's healthy. For this hotpot you don't even need to cook it yourself. It has everything that a normal hotpot has: soup, beef, lettuce, fish tofu, fishballs, mushrooms, taro, pumpkin, corn, tomato and rice!!

Would I come back here again: Since only opening two months ago I think I've been here TOO many times but can't help but.

Hope that was helpful!

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Disclaimer: I do not own the audio, which is Zhe Me Ban by Hana Kimi.

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