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Published on Apr 8, 2011

Here is a sneak preview of the film Hidden Colors. Come out and be the first to see the new,ground breaking documentary from Tariq Nasheed,that talks about untold Black American,African,Moor,and aboriginal history. Order the dvd now at http://hiddencolorsfilm.com/

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People dont like change.. it destroys the reality that they have been feed for years.. so to hear that the Moors were black people that in turn would upset the balance in their mind.. Some people really dont want to be associated with black people in any way because they are afraid of us and If your afraid of something you want to get rid of it or have someone else do it.. Or call the Police and lie on them and have them arrested because they are afraid.. The question is Why are they afraid..
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Seqenenre Tao II
Most people cannot fathom the idea that what they've been told since birth could be lies, which is why it is difficult for many people to accept the information in documentaries like the Hidden Colors series. However, whether or not you choose to accept it is inconsequential to its validity. So with that said, my fellow Melanoids, don't waste time and energy debating with suspected white supremacists. They are only here is spread confusion through deception.
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This is pure propaganda claiming Arab speakers, Phoenicians, and other Semitic people as "Black". I don't know why blacks in America are telling Egyptians, Moroccans, and other Arab speakers that their land, customs, and cultures isn't actually their identity. It's the African Americans whose ancestors never existed in North Africa. You western people don't have any self-respect or respect for others. In addition to these ludicrous claims you American blacks claim you're the 12 tribes of Israel. It's a free country but if you go to Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, or any where in Arabia you will be a foreigner. It's not your home, your civilization, or your people. This revisionist bs by that pimp Tariq Nasheed is retarded. How anyone can make these claims with a straight is nuts. The reason Southern Europeans are darker is because of their relationship with Greek Orthodox Church that ruled the Levant and Egypt. It's not because blacks marched across Sahara and conquered.
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Micah Kuhn
This is fucking hilarious!! All these morons sitting there acting like they know something, when everything they're saying is bullshit. Provably so. I have never seen such false information spread around with such confidence. I have watched all 4 of these, and they're all laughably wrong!
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Dude WTF ? do Black Americans realy have that big of a complex that they feel the need to steal the history of other nations ? the moors you say are black wtf ? i've got nothing against blak ppl i'm african my self just not black, the Moors where arabs and northern berbers, and there was ofcourse black berbers from mali and Mauritania but not much man, this doens make your history lesser than the north africans, you had great civilizations in the south too, like the kingdom of the richest man in the history (Malian empire )
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I can appreciate being proud in yourself and being knowledgeable about your own history but a lot of the claims in this documentary are really quite insane.
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It always amazes me how people who don't know their own history are so quick to tell blacks what THEY think our history is.
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Leek Deng
Why is it so hard for white people to accept that someone else did something?
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If the black is not stealing your bike, he's stealing your history.
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WTF !!!! they want to steal my heritage !!!! the muslim civilisation in spain were berber (with very few arabs in fact). The berber are mostly white than brown but with the mixed mariage with some arabs over the centuries today we find a proportion of 20% of arabs dna in the magreb(morocco, algeria, tunisia)
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