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Published on Nov 20, 2011

See: Double Slit Experiment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT-_uC...
Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe?

Mass of the universe in a black hole

Immediate Music - We Dissolve In Stars
Two Steps From Hell - Lost In Las Vegas
Audiomachine - Double Helix

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Zen Mind
He's speaking what most cant comprehend, as most are so lost in "normal" day reality they cant even acknowledge something simple like this.. When i try expressing my feelings like this to my family they dont have a clue, all i get is "I've got more important things to worry about in life" but Some people actually dig deep into what reality really is. Joe rogan " what am i doing? Im piloting this fucking flesh vehicle around these other flesh vehicles" I dont think words can describe mine and hopefully, many peoples feelings for reality.. I think if we tried to explain we would sound crazy to all these blind motherfuckers 
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JP de la Torre
Yep! He doesn't know what he is talking about.
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Grimm_ Ace
It's perception. That's the furthest I've come to so far. The black holes are the pupils of the eye. It is even powerful enough to pull in light. Life is a reflection, of what you experience. the iris is a galaxy around it. It's in our brain, we are looking from the inside out, and not the reverse, but we think that way because it's a reflection like a mirror is and we think it is coming from outside toward us. There's nothing out there, it's in here. Space is just an experience and perception as well, but we have to have that as a basis in order to sense anything at all and bounce it back to us. I just hope there are other entities out there to connect with. I've felt very cold as of late and it's not fun, lol. The universe, space, everything we see isn't really far away at all. Space and time is a perception we have to determine one process from another, and to determine if we care enough about it to ride that wave, otherwise it would be everything all at once. The brain fragments it for our convenience. I am a fan of david cronenberg's film Videodrome, I feel it explains things well. Joe Rogan rules
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Luka Hays
This is my one major issue with mainstream atheism. I think far too often atheists actually confuse their beliefs (or should I say lack of beliefs) with nihilism without even realizing it. They frequently make claims that the universe is just a place of simple random chance and that its just a bunch of chemical reactions and physics reactions and nothing more (which btw are contradictory claims seeing as the specific and predictable nature of chemical/physical reactions in our universe indicate that its governed by anything but random chance) and that whatever meaning we assign to life is just arbitrary illusions that mean nothing beyond our individual psyches and that death with almost absolute certainty is the end and whatnot. I personally find that kind of attitude to be just as moronic as the kind of attitude that many mainstream religious people have. If atheists truly wanted to trumpet the principles of science as they so often claim to be loyal to, then they should have a far more open-ended attitude towards the universe and be comfortable with the fact that they simply don't know jack about the true nature of reality. As Joe said we are a bunch of dumb creatures that might be smarter than cavemen, but really aren't all that intelligent in the grand scheme of things, so how can devout atheists make such extremely grand claims about the nature of reality that have such a dry and pessimistic sentiment behind them? It's just downright arrogant.
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Rushena Benson
You know some of ya'll are talking a lot of smack, and the sad thing is this man is bringing up true points we need to look deeper into. I'm sorry I didn't realize you had it all figured out, But most sane honest people will tell you, we don't know for sure how we came into being and how reality beyond the physical works. Our 5 senses are limited,any scientist will tell you that. There is more to all this than any of us have been led to believe. Just sit and think on that for a second, grow up and think for yourself. Don't be the kids just repeating what the teacher says the right answer is anymore, question everything for yourself.
Suge Knight
I hope when we die we go to another dimension.
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kal Desjarlais
he doesn't know, but I know- a relationship with Christ is where its at. not some subatomic nonsense he's babbling about. and Im not talking about religion, or rituals or catechisms that religious people have done and do. but a one on 1 personal faith in Jesus who died for us all on Calvary because He loves us. In the mind in impossible to conceive, but in your heart and soul and spirit Jesus can heal and touch you.
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This video actually snapped me out of 4 year long depression combined with anxiety. I was listening to this on the train and all of a sudden it just popped: we don't know shit about this universe so worrying about it absolutely makes no f**king sense. All I could do was laugh.
lorraine green
Really enjoyed that! Wouldn't be surprised if DMT had some sort of influence in making this vid though.
Eric Desplanque
Joe Rogan:  using foul language  in any context is a sure sign of immaturity and a very weak mind.  It is for that reason that I will never listen to another video post from you and I will let the people I know the same.  Reality may have passed you by when you were five years old. STOP spreading your filthy language to the rest of us!!!
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