Tia Brody on Britains Got Talent, Simon and Piers convinced





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Published on May 23, 2010

Tia Brody according to Amanda has found entertaining new ways of hair removal on the legs, but is not convinced enough to let her through, however that is not counting on Piers and simon

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Gary G.
before you go on the show like that again let me suck them tits...lol.
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haha you made me wake up my neighbors when i busted out laughing!
khaley shai
Your so nasty
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Crystal T
I'm laughing at everyone calling her a whore. Oh no she took her shirt off she must fuck everyone. Lol get real.
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Random things
Crystal T Taking off your shirt on national tv counts as being a whore
sekar padmanabhan
Uchiha Hikaku yes even i agree...i mean how did she have the audacity to show off her ...u know...to the judges....for god sakes...u should at least show some respect to the judges and that too there r so many people in front of her....god...i can't even imagine doing something like that.....it is kind of whoring around...
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Male judges' translation: "Yes, because we like your tits."   Female judge: "No, because your tits are bigger than mine."
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Leaf Shade
+clapperthebrain Actually killing 1000 snails is not talent because ANYONE can do it. It might be an accomplishment depending on the person.
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jess ica
everyone is saying how "if a man did this and took off his pants, everyone would be appalled" when in reality, you can't compare boobs to a dick. you CAN however, compare boobs to abs. but if a guy took off his shirt on stage, all the ladies in the crowd would cheer, just as the men did. so where's the problem?? guys, stop trying to point out the "inequalities" in everything. that isn't why men and women will never be equal. we'll never be equal because people can't stop pointing out every single difference and supposed "double standard" that exists in the world.
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LMAO Simons face lit up when he saw the boobs
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zafzafi djalol
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Who doesn't love tits? Stop being so fucking cynical and go get some tits. NO WAR, YES TITS.
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Karīru Karuhōn
+DRock6906 Funny thing is, I wanted to look her up again to see her "Ms. Litchi" sized boobs again. . .
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nacho doggy
You can't compare a dick to tits you dumb fucks. you can compare a man's six pack and pecs to a pair of woman's tits; both would end up making the crowd roar for more you can compare a mans dick to a woman's vagina, both would end up making every one in the croud disgusted. Stop trying to be sexist you dumb cunts
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loyda perez you and me 8===D~~~ {(Ω)}
Loyda Perez
nacho doggy This is a year late but PREACH 👏🏼🙌🏼
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they reject lots of decent singers and yet she gets through
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MLG Fat guy
Sam Mouzer
+Karli Miller k
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This is why there will never be equality between men and women...now if a guy took off his pants and did the same thing the whole crowd will be filing law suits lol 
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Yo inurface
I am not a son! That so funny lol
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Ella Artemis
Why the hell did she take her shirt off?? What if there were kids at that show?
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bryson heath
MrCreepz "its just a natural body part" is not an excuse. should it be fine to walk around in front of preschool kids with your dick out? because after all, "its just a body part". that's not how it works
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