Andy Cobb Drill Baby Drill Ep. 1: Beck In The Saddle





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Uploaded on Jun 3, 2009

EPISODE 1: BECK IN THE SADDLE. No really, this is Glenn Beck's actual written-down, published work. My very talented/funny friend Robyn Adams pointed this out: http://tiny.cc/JDZMB Beck justifies it as part of a larger lesson about "teh gey iz bad," (I'm paraphrasing here), but cm'on. Plenty of people are homophobes without also being sister-licking weird about it.

Even if you dont think of Beck's "Casper the friendly hatemonger" pasty egg-shaped form engaging in this stuff, its enough to haunt your dreams. It's the rare work of literature where labeling the author a "motherfucker" would be a kind of lateral move--but he's a rare talent.

DRILL BABY DRILL, THE SERIES: From contraception to homosexuality, Conservatives seem to think they know how folks should behave in the bedroom.

Well, what do they say about sex? How do they, y'know, talk sexy? The answers may surprise you. They may also make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

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By Andy Cobb

Glenn Beck: Andy Cobb
Glenn Becks Sister: Beth Farmer
Director Of Photography: Chris Ingersoll
Inspired by Robyn Adams

For more from Robyn Adams check her out here: http://nyborcity.blogspot.com/

For more satire by Andy Cobb, check out a terrific group I'm priviliged to direct, the mighty mighty Public Service Administration: http://www.youtube.com/user/PublicSer...

*Lynne Cheney is not an opponent of same-sex marriage, but her work advocating censorship of film and music qualifies her for Americas Sex Police. And her 1981 novel "Sisters" definitely qualifies her as a super-freaky erotica machine—stay tuned.


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