Smitchie Story ll Chapter 3 Part 2





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Published on May 7, 2010

Sorry I thought it uploaded it all but guess it didn't well.. now I really have to get under the shower or I will be late... as always ^^

Chapter 3, Part 2:

"Let's get you out of here okay? I'm sure Connie will write you an excuse"
"Thank you" Mitchie whispered when Shane led her towards a car. She was surprised to see it was her dad's car.
"When did my dad give you his car?" She asked wondering. Shane smiled, Shane and her father were finally getting along.. "Yeah so I could get a few of my things for tonight and the you called"
It took Mitchie a while to realize what he was meaning but then after crying a smile appeared on her face again. A really big one. "You mean-" Shane knew what Mitchie wanted to say, he had a week of and until Friday he would stay at Mitchie's house and she was aloud to come with Shane for the weekend. Mitchie had begged her parents for this so long already.
"Well... what are we still do- AHH" Someone lifted her up from behind and spun her around, Shane just laughed. "Mitchie!" a happy voice called, it was Jason, who else? As he let Mitchie back down she felt so happy again.
"Jase!" Mitchie slung her arms around him.
"What happened, why were you sad?" Jason asked. "I will tell you later okay Jay?" Jason nodded and Shane wrapped his arms around Mitchie's tiny waist.
"Why are they all starring at us?"
"You know Jase, it's not often that famous popstars come by here" Jason nodded again as he tried to understand what Mitchie was saying. He was so clueless sometimes.
"I will just go and say bye to Ella, Peggy and Tess"
"They're here?"
They were kind of the people who started all this. Mitchie nodded and kissed his cheek in front of everybody. She walked back to the people from school. Some began to run up to Shane and Jason, others were only glaring at Mitchie.

"I knew he would always make you smile" Tess said and hugged Mitchie along with Ella and Peggy.
"Call me tonight when you aren't busy sucking on Shane's face" Mitchie blushed and nodded.
Sierra walked up to her. "Mitchie... I am so sorry, I was just-"
"I'm sorry too Si, I should have told you" Sierra nodded and the girls hugged. Mitchie finally felt herself getting closer to Sierra after these month.
Shane smiled at the as he was signing autographs. Tess smiled and waved and same did Ella while Peggy ran over and hugged the two boys, they were pretty close after the recording now.
Tess, Ella and Peggy walked back into school along with Sierra and a few others following while Lauren, the so called queen from school and her lemmings continued watching Mitchie, Shane and Jason.
"C'mon we have to go" Shane smiled and pulled Mitchie closer to him.
"Yeah your dad told me, you, Shane and I could go and make our own birdhouse. Do you know how amazing this would be Mitchie?" Mitchie laughed at Jason and Shane asked: "You're feeling better?"
"A lot" She smiled. "I missed you guys but mostly I missed ..." You could see Shane smirk, he thought Mitchie was going to say that she would say his name, but after she saw his smirk she changed her mind. "... Jase"
Shane pouted. "Let's get going now, I have to punish you later Miss"
"Will you sing Gotta Find You to me?" Mitchie asked hopefully, she loved hearing Shane sing.
"Ye-no" He smirked and kissed her. "Much better but maybe singing can be the dessert if my lips will still work then" He winked and lead her to the car.
Mitchie laughed. Everything was normal again now, just that now everyone was going to find out about her and Shane, she didn't really mind anymore, now she could kiss him wherever she wanted when she was with him.


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