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Published on Jan 29, 2010

Uploaded in Jan.29.2010
Made by Machigeriita-P

Illustration by Mizmaru

(Original title)
([Miku Original song] Hateful Wonderland [The amusement park of the hatred])

Machigeriita-P is an author who is famous for being good at horror music. He is active from the early days of Vocaloid movement, and there are many his fans.

Machigeriita-P's works;
(Can be seen in YouTube)
59. "Gyakuzai Koushinkyoku"(Jan.20.2010)
60. "Hateful Wonderland"(Jan.29.2010)
61. "Tsumi no Tsuki"(Feb.05.2010)
62. "Rensou Kakudai Chocola-holic"(Feb.13.2010)
63. "Tsugihagi Sandoku"(Feb.21.2010)

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Comments • 409

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Hatoful Boyfriend, I love this game so munch, especially Shuu and Sakuya, and I adore the last part of holiday star.
Monkeys Stalking Bananas
Same. :^)
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andi dassa
I used to remember when vocaloid still innocent
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Ha! When was that?
Cassie Showers
same here
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Melanie Bijoux
Kaito looks scary... O.e
Just An LPer
That's not the least of your worries. MEI-CHAN IS FACELESS!! SLENDERMEIKO! (One, you know you're trash when you refer to Meiko as "Mei-chan", and two, I wonder if someone's made a Vocaloid-themed slender game?)
Ciel R
Is it just me, or is that the Libra Sign?
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Ciel R
+Brianna Blank 2EEM2 LIIKE IIT
Brianna Blank
+Luz NightMare welp I guess you wont be joining the secret cult of Isaac
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Koro Gunso
Anyone notice when everything has color she looks toward us at the screen
Koro Gunso
I kniow it's slight but you can tell lol
Himitsu Amigo
Oh what the HELL!?!?!? L(0.0"
NumyPome 2
this might sound weird but... ( if anyone is part of the fandom ) am I the only one who thinks about pokepark 2 when listenig to this song >-> ? man .... my imagination is dark OvOU ....
NumyPome 2
Ikr , the story behind this song , just screams pokepark 2 de ( in my opinión of course )
lucija brletic
english lyrics:The Houla, guidance. Mysterious place. Chaos (chaos) is swirling amusement park. And princess of fairy tale also become lonely (captive) It seems to have become out is not. Crybaby clown and balloons. The smell of popcorn stalls Amusement park that nobody if you notice. Wandered's you also out of luck. I want to stay hurts ≠ yourself, bride. laugh at the wound electrodeposition decoration. By no hope, painter's. That's fun, and look at the sky. "So I'm hate" "Please look at was so hurt." Ferris wheel of corner dating back to the fear. Scenery that is visible even disagreeable from here Only tragedy. End not continue around. In the head is round. Not escape is probably what. The doll in Episode 34. The bottom of the carousel rain Spilled tears in the water. Lonely feeling also will Shizumeyo. be sweet scent that pass each other. I was poured into a coffee cup In colorful love I only lonely. Only have that kind feel. "So much Do you really hate." "I do not have" nothing "to" If even not even allowed to get hurt And as pain divided in at least also Misetsukeru of. ~ Than the main note of Garden "What are you a you No I think? Read to this technique." In words that are high, to anxiety. Is crushed My world became alone (captive). Prison, unexpected get out of the cage's human (animal). Among the downpour Events of the end you have exhausted hesitation. chopped, its name "Wonderland of hatred" (hate full Wonderland)
Carolyn Moyer
+lucija brletic GG, you know how to copy and paste stuff into and from google translate. Now allow me to provide some ACTUAL english translyrics: Let go of my hand and I will take you very far away Each and every day is oh-so beautiful to me There is a princess, but she'll never ever come out of her cage Not even today it seems, so this is where she'll stay Popped balloons in wrinkled hands of fading aging clowns Popcorn coming from the cart, spilling onto the ground There's no one here but you and me if you would care to see You're just another lost and lonely girl trying to breathe "Doesn't it hurt, missus bride?" Oh yes, it does child, it helps to laugh at yourself, gazing at lights right above you "Is there no hope any more?" No I don't think so, laugh while you can, aim as deep as you allow it "So can you see, that this is me? I'm hated every way So watch me hurt how you hurt as well, don't let me bear it alone, please..." If you're still scared, and unprepared the Ferris wheel will give you a good view Of everything that is lying just beyond Your mind's state of disrepair There's no end in sight, nothing stops me spinning round Round I go, I'll never slow, I'm hitting a new low Can't get out of my own head no matter what I try 'Cause even dolls want to be noticed at the worst of times Ride the underwater carousel and taste the tears Filling up the horse's minds, it's much worse than you feared Sinking down into the water, lonely as they come If you're lucky there will be a sweet scent next to none "Pour me one more drink" It never helps, though Many things don't any more, this helps me feel just a bit more When I'm not making those scars, I feel so empty Like it's the only thing I can feel through my skin "Why can't I be someone that's seen with love and not with scorn? I haven't done anything wrong yet you continue to shun me If it's taboo, then I guess you would try to help me understand why but Even though I'm trying to cover up  You still see through my thin disguise "Can you see what I see?" Well maybe so, I read the words you Left for me, they're uneasy I'll take them and crush them and throw them away The end is nigh, alone I cry, a slave to lonely nights The princess who was once a girl's been transformed into a monster And in the rain, it feels the same, exhausting myself until I fall down The words I carve into my arms will be Of this hateful wonderland From: http://x-happilyinsane-x.deviantart.com/art/Hateful-Wonderland-English-Lyrics-396210034
If I keep listening to songs in the related, I wonder what's gonna end up on my recommended on the homepage....
JeffTheKiller Fan
good song or Holloween XD
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JeffTheKiller Fan
+Lê Thuỳ Nhi lol okey XD
Lý Tuyết Nhi
+JeffTheKiller Fan It's ok, just don't kill me. :(
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Ambie Chan
I wonder if it's at all related to Circus Monster
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Well before looking into the lyrics, look into producers. xD Hateful Wonderland was produced by the Japanese producer Machigerita, while Circus Monster was produced by the English-speaking producer Circus-P. These songs are very unlikely to be related.
Ambie Chan
I was just saying that because the fact they're both set in a circus/wonderland setting. I wasn't looking into the lyrics or anything :p
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