John Young and Sy Leibergot, TWO VERSIONS, ONE REALITY, FRAUD!!!





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Published on Apr 2, 2012

Internal incoherence of NASA's official story proves Apollo inauthenticity yet again. John Young's LIES betray him as an Apollo Program Fraud Perpetrator.

What is going on here? John Young is lying, why? He is heard to make the claim in this clip that he was right behind Leibergot at the time of the Apollo 13 O2 tank alleged explosion. Yet here, Leibergot shows a photo from the very time at which Young claims to have been present. No John Young, nowhere to be found, not within a light year.

So now the question is, "Why would Young LIE about something like this?" There is only one explanation, Apollo is fraudulent

15 minutes after the staged accident, Gene Kranz can be heard on EECOM tapes(and in the film HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM) saying that everyone should remain cool, that they can always use the LM as a "lifeboat" if need be. Of course the problem there is that at 15 minutes in, this has yet to be fully known/acknowledged as a serious problem. Why did Kranz say they could use the LM as a life boat so early on? For all they knew, the LM was holed by a meteor and would have been useless. Why is Knanz implying that it may me close to time to hit the proverbial panic button? Answer; this is staged and Kranz has foreknowledge of the phony/scripted space drama. His timing is off, and as such, Kranz botches it by making reference to using the LM as "lifeboat" way too early. I'll post the EECOM tapes in an upcoming video so everyone can have a listen to Kranz incriminate himself. It is rather amusing actually.

Since Kranz opened his big mouth too soon, it became necessary to create these bogus tales about people like Young being present from the get go. Ed Mitchell, another fraudulent Apollo astronaut made the same claim, that he was right there in the MOCR when the O2 tank blew. Do you see Ed Mitchell in Leibergot's photo there?

To cover for Kranz's error, Young makes the claim that he was right there when the tank blew and knew immediately that the so referenced issue was a hardware problem and not primarily an instrumentational problem.

EECOM John Aaron, like John Young, an Apollo Program Fraud Perpetrator, was involved in a second, similar bogus story as well. Leibergot's fellow EECOM Aaron says he was called at home shortly after the "tank blew" and was able to determine solely on the basis of being read EECOM data that the Apollo 13 problem was hardware based and not instrumentational.

What does John Young know about EECOM data? He is not qualified to make such a "read", and we know he is lyin' his rump off as he was not even there to begin with. We have Sy's MOCR picture right here to prove it.

As for Aaron, how could he tell FROM HIS HOUSE what EECOMs Sy Leibergot and Clint Black could not tell from sitting right there in Mission Control with the help of all the other flight officers.

Utterly fraudulent, nothing more than STAGED. Aaron and Young are Thespians and their pensions should be revoked after they explain themselves under oath testifying with their heinies on the line before congress.


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