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Published on Jan 3, 2011

EPISODE: It's not on an episode from the show. It's part of the second death note rewrite, Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors, intended for audiences who haven't seen the originals. Some extra scenes and minor changes to fit the one-hour timeslot, like, in this case, Mikami killing the SPK members rather than Mello.

Near from Death Note (Relight 2: L's Successors).
(Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any ideas in this video)

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The pen is mightier than the sword.
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tyler graham
GhostyTheHunter John wick agrees.
Tarek Legrand
whoever wields the sword decides who holds the pen
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Rootin Tootin Putin
I'm just gonna say it... LOOKS LIKE THAT WAS A NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE! YEAHHH.... Okay I'm out.
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Symon Sybico
Rootin Tootin Putin That was actually a plot whole, you can't kill 2 people with one name, he tried to make someone shoot Near, which would result in 2 kills, by default the man should have just died of heart attack
Rootin Tootin Putin XD
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Nears expression just screams: "I just picked this shirt up from the cleaners you son of a bitch."
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ThatLlama IsMurderous
GameGamingGamer TV
YungTimeWeaver lol
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ChannelNotAvailable -
Near's just like: Mate I just cleaned this shirt and my hair is easy to stain. You mofo gon' die.
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Meredith Smith
+Elina Auvinen YUP!! he he :P
Arianna Payne
That's one problem with being Near.
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Grell Sutcliff
Near isn't even pissed 😂 he's just like "Fuck u asshole, these were my white pajamas do you know how long it will take for this stain to come out?"
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Yosif Alhasil
Grell Sutcliff at the end near defeat Light. End of the story
Three Halves
Well, I guess death note is picking up the Tide clothing challenge
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Hatsune Miku
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Light Michaels
Hatsune Miku Easier said than done.
Chio Chan Genocide
Hey I did it. What's your excuse?
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Sachiko Shinozaki
Who'd name his kid Adolf, for fuck's fucking sake
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Bruce Banner studios
i would !!!
Adolf Hitler!
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What would happen if you didn't have a name?
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One of the rules of the death note is that if even you don't know your name, the one visible to those with shingami eyes is the name in your family registry. So you'd at least have a surname
Mr. Clippy
Kobe Escalante What about animals???
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0:48 Holy shit, Light could have defeated L so much quicker if he just had one of his victims kill him first before dying.
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DrPepperShaye (shayebay)
tweek100100 That has nothing to do with it. All he has to do is be in the right place and you right kill all people in this room. no name is needed
mohammad abuirsheid
yeah right , good point , since L already knew that kira can control people's actions before their death , everyone would know that kira controlled someone who he knew his last name , and since no one shared their last name with light , so the only one he obviously knows his last name is his father. great point indeed. thanks
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And Kira was like : U med bro?
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Generic white kid the second
banana aya playa this was 2012, I'd be Obama as president not Bush
banana aya playa
I could swear in the anime it was Takada and Mikami under Light (kira), who killed the members of the SPK...??? They phoned that chicken of a president george bush of the U.S and have him give them the names and photos of the SPK to them, as kira blackmailed him. After there were only 4 SPK members left (including near), they then relocated back to japan... if i remember the anime storyline correctly..
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