Resistance- (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Chapter 1





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Published on Apr 5, 2010

Hey guys it's themarissalovesyou27! This is the first eppy & im s excited. Sorry if it sucks!

Cammie's P.O.V.
It was a nice day today. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, & the leaves were starting to change color. Today is the last day of summer. Tomorrow we go back to school. Now a normal kid would not be looking forward to this, but im not a normal kid. i mean, im a spy, & spies are sooo not normal. I couldnt wait to get back to school. Summer was so boring without any missions to do. My favorite teachers will be back & ready to teach. My friends & i were walking down the street to the coffe shop. We had gone shopping & everything and needed to rest our feet. As we were walking, it was instinct for us to know our surrondings. Meaning we were also spying on people. We were being very descret about it. I mean, we looked like normal everyday teenage girls shopping but we were actually non-normal teenage girls with comms in our ears. (they're ear peices they use to talk to each other when they're far apart) We finnaly got to the coffe shop, orederd our drinks & sat down.
Megan: Im so glad school starts tomorrow. I was getting tired of being with my parents, going to meetings, & stuff. And watching my brother snog his girlfriend is so disgusting.
Cammie: (laughs) I bet it was. My being with your grandparents isnt so fun either, especially if half the time they dont remember who you are or that your visiting them for the whole summer! Grandma was always calling me Gertrude.
Taylor: Gertrude? really?
Cammie: (shrugs) It was her sisters name.
Selena: Hey Cammie, dont turn around okay.
Cammie: Why?
Selena: There's this really hot guy checking you out.
Cammie: Huh? (turns around)
Cammie's P.O.V.
I turned around to see what Selena was talking about. She was right there was a hot guy checking me out. I dont know why, i mean, im not even that pretty! He was sitting with a group of his friends, watching me & smiling this really cute smile. I wanted to turn away but i couldnt. Then he walked over to me.
???: Hey.
Cammie: Um, hi.
???: Im Justin.
Cammie: Im Cammie.
Justin: Oh well nice to meet you Cammie.
Cammie: (smiles) Nice to meet you too.
Justin: (smiles) So who are these ladies?
Cammie: Oh, um this is Taylor, Selena & Megan.
T,S,M: Hey.
Justin: Hey.
Cammie: So, may i ask why you were staring at me?
Justin: (shrugs) I dont know, you're really pretty.
Cammie: (blushes) Um, okay. Thanks.
Justin: (smiles) Your cute when you blush too.
Taylor: She's even cuter when she-
Cammie: Taylor!
Taylor: What?
Justin: (laughs)
[random dude come up to Justin]
???: Hey man, we gotta go.
Justin: Oh, ok.
???: Im Ryan.
All: Hi Ryan.
Justin: Well, i guess i'll see you around?
Cammie: (smiles) Maybe.
Justin: (smiles) Ok. Bye Cammie
Cammie: Bye Justin.
[Justin & Ryan leave]
Megan: Omg, he so likes you!
Cammie: What!? Oh, come on we barley know each other.
Selena: So! He's really cute & he was fliriting with you!
Cammie: That doesnt matter! I dont have time for boys anyway.
Taylor: You work way to hard Cam, why dont you let loose?
Cammie: I dont work to hard, & i am loose. I just dont want a boy in my life, that's all.
Megan: (rolls her eyes) Whatever. Come on, we should get going.
Cammie: Okay.
[they get up, & leave]
Cammie's P.O.V.
We walked out of the coffe shop, & headed back to my house. I turned around & i saw Justin and his friends walking the other direction. I guess he felt someone staring at him cuz he turned around. He smiled at me, and i smiled back. Then he walked around the curb & he was gone. I dont know why, but i have a feeling that i'll be seeing him again. Very soon...

K, that's all i have. I hope you liked it!!!

Love, Love, Love,


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