Mario Super Sluggers 100% Walkthrough Part 32 - Graffiti Runner





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Published on Aug 3, 2011

I'm going to unlock all characters, their star versions, stadiums, minigames, error items, and badges in this walkthrough. I'll be going for the characters and items first, then will do the minigames last.

In this part, I go to Bowser Jr.'s Playroom to play Graffiti Runner, which is a very fun game.

Badges/Stages/Items/Characters Obtained:

Graffiti Runner


Mario Stadium [x]
Peach Ice Garden [x]
Yoshi Park [x]
DK Jungle [x]
Wario City [x]
Bowser Jr.'s Playroom [x]
Bowser Castle [x]
Luigi's Mansion [x]
Daisy Cruiser [x]
Toy Field [x]


Bob-Omb Derby [x]
Wall Ball [x]
Piranha Panic [x]
Barrel Basher
Gem Catch
Graffiti Runner [x]
Bowser Pinball [x]
Ghost K [x]
Blooper Baserun [x]
Toy Field
Minigame Madness


Nice Bat [x]
Power Bat [x]
Dr. K [x]
Lucky Glove [x]
Dash Spikes [x]
Buddy Badge [x]
Error Booster [x]
Charge Bat [x]
Star Candy [x]
x2 Star Candy [x]
Superstar [x]

Error Items:

Shell [x]
Banana [x]
Bob-Omb [x]
Fireball [x]
Mini Boo [x]
POW Ball [x]

Special Items:

Luigi's Flashlight [x]
Cruiser Pass [x]
Special Shop Pass [x]
Toy Field Pass [x]
Paintbrush [x]
Sea Hut Key [x]
Daisy Statue [x]
Toad Statue [x]
Stone Tablet Piece 1 [x]
Stone Tablet Piece 2 [x]
Stone Tablet Piece 3 [x]
Baby Daisy's Rattle [x]


Star Badge [x]
Stadium Badge [x]
Error Item Badge [x]
Buddy Badge [x]
Play Badge

Characters (x means unlocked, S means star version unlocked):

Mario [x] [S]
Luigi [x] [S]
Peach [x] [S]
Daisy [x] [S]
Yoshi (Green) [x] [S] -Red [x] [S] -Blue [x] [S] -Yellow [x] [S] -Light Blue [x] [S] -Pink [x] [S]
Birdo [x] [S]
Baby Mario [x] [S]
Baby Luigi [x] [S]
Baby Peach [x] [S]
Baby Daisy [x] [S]
Toad (Red) [x] [S] -Blue [x] [S] -Green [x] [S] -Purple [x] [S] -Yellow [x] [S]
Toadette [x] [S]
Toadsworth [x] [S]
Pianta (Blue) [x] [S] -Red [x] [S] -Yellow [x] [S]
Noki (Blue) [x] [S] -Green [x] [S] -Red [x] [S]
Shy Guy (Red) [x] [S] -Blue [x] [S] -Yellow [x] [S] -Green [x] [S] -Gray [x] [S]
Wario [x] [S]
Waluigi [x] [S]
Petey Piranha [x] [S]
Wiggler [x] [S]
Monty Mole [x] [S]
Blooper [x] [S]
Donkey Kong [x] [S]
Diddy Kong [x] [S]
Dixie Kong [x] [S]
Funky Kong [x] [S]
Tiny Kong [x] [S]
Baby DK [x] [S]
King K. Rool [x] [S]
Kritter (Green) [x] [S] -Red [x] [S] -Blue [x] [S] -Brown [x] [S]
Goomba [x] [S]
Paragoomba [x] [S]
Boo [x] [S]
King Boo [x] [S]
Koopa (Green) [x] [S] -Red [x] [S]
Paratroopa (Red) [x] [S] -Green [x] [S]
Bowser [x] [S]
Bowser Jr. [x] [S]
Hammer Bro [x] [S] -Fire Bro [x] [S] -Boomerang Bro [x] [S]
Dry Bones (Gray) [x] [S] -Green [x] [S] -Dark [x] [S] -Blue [x] [S]
Magikoopa [x] [S] -Red [x] [S] -Green [x] [S] -Yellow [x] [S]


Mario Fireballs [x]
Peach Monarchs [x]
Yoshi Eggs [x]
DK Wilds [x]
Wario Muscles [x]
Bowser Monsters [x]

Characters Obtained: 71/71 *all Characters found*
Star Characters Obtained: 71/71 *all Star Characters found*
Error Items Obtained: 6/6 *all Error Items found*
Badges Obtained: 4/5

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