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Published on Jul 30, 2010

Cultures across the planet have legends describing giant, human-like creatures. Usually, these stories are dismissed as folklore -- yet some people believe a race of giants did exist at some point in Earth's past. Tune in and learn more in this episode.


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Mr Sardonicus
Did you actually say "It's a Giant Coverup"? Hhahaha, I LIKE your videos. 
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rice lemon
Mr Sardonicus i was about to comment that
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Bill Smith
Why would SCIENTISTS -- people who desire to discover and promulgate new knowledge by virtue of the profession they have chosen -- want to cover up evidence of giants? I can understand governments covering things up, or ONE or TWO scientists, but the ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY? Come on. Did they all get together and say, "Let's all cover up this evidence for giants. Agreed?" And they all agreed, and none of them ever said anything about giants ever since. Please.
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Chris R
In Genesis, Chapter 6, it says that there were giants in the land, this could have easily come about by making tall people mate with other tall people until they got the desired class of people to do all the heavy lifting. It is not that far fetched seeing how they had a hyperbaric- type of atmosphere,whereby things grew bigger and lived longer.
Bill Smith
Uncle Buck and, of course, I should assume that you have no agenda. Ok, I guess you're right: giants exist. Thanks for that.
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Mr Sardonicus
I like how this fella says "Here's where it gets crazy" like it wasn't already crazy. Hahahaha
Sammy Sain
He says that on all their videos. In a marathon setting the intro and that part get old REALLY REALLY REALLY fast.
Dennis Mahon
The Smithsonian has over 18,000 skeletons of the Mound Builders, the people who built earthworks (like the Serpent Mound in Ohio) all over the mid-West.  According to Native American legend, they were giants in size.  Yet, the Smithsonian will not allow the remains to be studied - why do you suppose that is?
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Omniscient Spork
+kev vin  Near as I can tell, this is what your arguments consist of, Kevin:  -Accuse opponents of using 'smokescreen reasoning' -Proceed to use smokescreen reasoning yourself.  Yep, I think we're done here. 
bob Stevens
Now now +kev vin  is that really necessary? Use logic and emperical evidence with us and that will be fun!
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rAdiant Jet
All we need to know is the the powers that be keep the masses ignorant to what our past and Earth really was and is! I don't buy into anything main stream science tells me because it's no different from when the Catholic Church ruled Europe! Everything is the way they say it is. it's the same today with modern day science which is ruled my the same Jesuit order linked to the Vatican! If you don't believe me just look it up for your self! You will see everything leads back to the Vatican! If you buy into this world you are truly just a lamb for slaughter!
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Matt Foster
This is just a snippet of info on this topic, at least 5 different sites in North America alone are documented and the Smithsonian has skeletal remains hidden in a back room, tucked away in a cabinet, skulls with 2 full rows of teeth, and large as a basket ball. Illinois mound builders, several skeletons, Lovelock Colorado, California, and this is just the U.S.
Raymond Armatino
+Jacob Kamphus I don't have time to sit here and text as if I'm writing an essay for my college professor. 
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Why would governments cover up giants ? I mean .... Whats the point
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Estee Creel
VivaGamer1 to cover up the truth to try cover up our truth and God.
Wayne Cameron
+girl gooner i don't get it.
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Sam Dawkins
"theres just one piece missing... evidence" fucking classic!!!!!!!!
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Chris R
+Ph0be Thank you for pointing that out!!!
Jacob Kamphus
+Sam Dawkins Missing? Nah. There is plenty of evidence to support larger than normal humanoids. Go to the Smithsonian.
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James L
All these wonderful arguements in the comments below about the scientic and peer review processes and such.  The arguements themselves are moot, if the actual artifacts and evidence of such are supressed on the threat of divestiture, and discussions on such are also supressed on the threat of censure. In other words, if you don't agree with us, your academic career is ruined.  THAT THREAT always works on mainstream scientists.   Gag orders and fortiture on the grounds of national security.  If unknown agents come and take your giant bones, then where is the evidence they ever existed?  Will scientists take YOUR word on that?  Not likely since you've now been labelled a quack and a loon.  No grants for you!
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Wayne Cameron
+Chris R I hate the way he prefaces most stories before he tells the story in order to bend listeners in the direction he wants.  He gets people outraged before they even know what they are outraged about (but he's not the only one who does that... Megan Kelly is another).   Most have got their own know-more-and-know-better-than-you attitude.)  And I think Brian Williams' mode of operation is the norm amongst those people.  I wonder how long it took for whatever group it was to convince that liar's peers to reveal the truth about him; and I'll bet they all were HIGHLY nervous about doing it, for fear of retaliation. It could have been, and I wish it had been, a witch hunt. I asked my wife recently if she recalled Walter Kronkite as acting like many do now.  Or if he EVER laughed concerning ANY story.  Made her stop and think... just what she needs.
Chris R
+Wayne Cameron He used to espouse the concept that the Kennedy assassination was indeed, a conspiracy. Now look at him!!
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Dave B.
Interesting, but this guys monotone voice gets on my nerves after 30 seconds.
Jukka's Channel
"There is one piece missing however... evidence" I love that.
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+Jukka's Channel So who built the pyramids?
Ok guys keep drinking the evolution Kool aid.. lol 
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