The Biological Universe, The Secrets of the Ancients





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Uploaded on Jan 21, 2012

The Biological Universe, The Secrets of the Ancients
The illuminati have guided false science and destroyed our ancient mythology, a talk of how the life-force concept was destroyed by science
Vitalism ,Prana, Qi, Mana,lifeforce (subtle energy)
Prana In Vedantic philosophy, prana is the notion of a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings
Qi traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing.philosophy,
Mana is an indigenous Pacific islander concept of an impersonal force or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects.

Destruction of the Vitalism Concept by Science Dogma
Somatoscope The landscape of medical science is on the verge of being radically altered forever by the use of a powerful microscope (the Somatoscope) developed by Gaston Naessens of Quebec, Canada,
Plagiarism (of my work ) The cherry picking of data or The Darwin Wallace Effect
Darwin's Plagiarism
Missing letters written by Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discoverer of the theory of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin, have recently been donated to the Natural History Museum.
The Death of Vitalism
The vitalists strongly rejected Darwin's theory of natural selection. [16]As Darwin's theory of evolution denied the existence of any cosmic teleology, the vitalists saw Darwin's theories as too materialistic to explain the complexity of life.
Alfred Russel Wallace believed qualitative novelties could arise through the process of evolution, in particular the phenomena of life and mind; like the vitalists Wallace attributed these novelties to a supernatural agency.[18] Later in his life, Wallace was an advocate of spiritualism and believed in a non-material origin for the higher mental faculties of humans. He believed that evolution suggested that the universe had a purpose, and that certain aspects of living organisms were not explainable in terms of purely materialistic processes as written in a 1909 magazine article entitled The World of Life, which he later expanded into a book of the same name.[19]
Other scientists influenced by the Vitalism Concept
one of the early 19th century "fathers" of modern chemistry, though he rejected mystical explanations of vitalism, nevertheless argued that a regulative force must exist within living matter to maintain its functions. Carl Reichenbach later developed the theory of Odic force, a form of life-energy that permeated living things; this concept never gained much support despite his prestige.. Vitalism is now considered an obsolete term in the philosophy of science, Still, Ernst Mayr, co-founder of the modern evolutionary synthesis and a critic of both vitalism and reductionism, writing in 2002 after the mathematical development of theories underlying emergent behavior, stated:

" It would be ahistorical to ridicule vitalists. When one reads the writings of one of the leading vitalists like Driesch one is forced to agree with him that many of the basic problems of biology simply cannot be solved by a philosophy as that of Descartes, in which the organism is simply considered a machine..."
In fact some of the greatest scientific minds of the time continued to investigate the possibility of vital properties. Louis Pasteur, shortly after his famous rebuttal of spontaneous generation, performed several experiments that he felt supported the vital concepts of life.
Destruction of this mythology by new age illumanti movement
Eugenics movement, persecution of indigenous tribes
What if this vital force was once seen, where our myths and legends describing these events?
What would it look like?
The Creative God Force, the divine serpent or the orb bar wave


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