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Published on Mar 18, 2010

ok so i know theres no music m stupid wouldnt work on me so i couldnt so heres the link to the song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tin3X8...

Shot im really in the mood to write them so yea lol this one is called Eternity ok I know they wrote it about there grandmother and I love that they did that it so sweet I love the song but I just wanted a sad song and I think this was perfect about what I wanted to write about so yea plz dont get made and tell me that they wrote it for the grandmother and no one else I know they did but this is a fanfic and fanfics arent true!! And im sure you guys have heard by know and Jemi is together!!! Im soo happy so im gunna make this jemi!! And its just gunna show how much Joe love demi and yea!!! Ok yea thats it :)


Nj:*puts his hand on Joes shoulder and whispers to him* its gunna be ok
Joe:*sniffs and nobs and speaks into the microphone* I wrote this next song for demi I love you demi *kisses his hand and holds it up and looks up*
Crowd: awwww!!!!!
nj&kev: *starts to play*
(Joe and demi were married)
Joe:*sings Eternity and tears spill over his cheeks*
*after they finished*
Crowd: awwww!!!! *scream*
Joe:*smiles still crying * thank you guys *turns to kev and mouths be right back and walks off stage*
Kev: all right guys I wanna tell you something that happen with me and Frankie the other day it was really funny *goes on*
*with joe*
Joe:*goes in to his dressing room and grabs his picture of demi and him he has and sits on the couch* I miss you demz .*cries* I love you!!
(this is the picture http://s12.lucyphotos.com/images/130x...)
Joe:*holds the picture to his chest and cries*
Paul:*knocks and comes in* Joe?
Joe:*looks up still crying * y-yea?
Paul: you need to get back on stage
Joe: *sighs* ok Ill be right out
Paul: *goes to him* its ok
Joe: I know dad its just I miss her *sobs and hugs his dad*
Paul: *hugs back* I know everybody does but its gunna be fine you wouldnt want selena see you like this
Joe:*sighs and pulls away and puts the picture down* yea your right
Paul: ok well come on
Joe: yea *whips his face and walks out with his dad*
Kev&nick: *come out to him*
Kev: you ok man?
Joe: yea I-
Sel: *runs up to Joe* daddy!!!!!
Joe:*looks down and sees her* hey baby girl *picks her up and kisses her cheek*
(Shes demis and Joes daughter demi and selena were friends and she named her daughter after her)
Sel: are you finish yet?
Joe: not yet sweetie but almost ok *puts her down* go play with Uncle Frankie
Sel;*sighs* ookk *runs off looking for Frankie* UNCLE FWAKIE!!!!!!!!
Joe;*laughs and runs up on stage with Kevin and nick*
Joe;*after they concert with sel in his bunk*
Sel: goodnight daddy I wove you! *kisses his cheek*
Joe:*hugs her and kisses her forehead* I love you too baby
Sel;*lays next to him and slowly falls asleep*
Joe:*takes out his laptop and his head phone and plugs them in to it and listens to Demis favorite song**smiles and looks at his pictures that he had of her remember all the good times*

*flashback at the shoot of Make A Wave* (I know we dont if this is true but lets say it was in this :))

Demi:*sit in the sand with joe then gets up and runs away*
Joe:*gets up and runs after her and get to her and picks her up by her waist and spins her around*
Demi: *laughs* Joe puts me down!!!
(There not shooting right now)
Joe:*trips and accidentally drops her and falls on top of her*
Demi;*laughs really hard*
Joe:*laughs* im sorry
Demi: hhaha its its ok!! hahah
Joe:*smiles and watches her laugh then kisses her*
Demi:*kisses back*
Joe:*pulls away* and gets up and holds his hand out for her*
Demi:*grabs it and Joe helps her**stand really close to him* I love you
Joe: I love you too
Demi:*kisses his cheek and runs off*
Joe:*runs off her*
*end of flashback*

Joe:*sighs and a tear falls**looks and sel and moves a strand of hair out of her face* you look so much like your mother *kisses her forehead*
Joe;*sighs and puts his stuff up and gets in bed next to sel and grabs his picture of demi and looks at it* I love you baby *touches it* and always will .. forever and always *puts it under his pillow and turns to sel and lays down crying him self to sleep*


Well yea that wasnt all that great that actually sucked! :( well yea demi dead in this shot and joe misses her a lot and they had a daughter named after her best friend selena so yea tel me if you guys like me one-shots!
Well plz comment thnz love you guys!! :)


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