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Published on Sep 7, 2016

A gumby enduro vlog from http://www.crosstrainingenduro.com Well guys, it's back home to the land of kangaroos and snakes and spiders. When it comes to intelligence, an Australian isn't the sharpest tool in the tool box, and this especially applies to me. But for some reason a lot of viewers seem to think I know a lot so I get asked all these questions over and over again. I figured it might just be easier to answer all the frequently asked questions, or FAQs, all in one video.

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FAQ 0: Which enduro bike should I buy? I have no idea. I have done a whole video about bike selection if you are into cross training, just watch that. But if you really think I might be able to help you choose a bike, then watch this video first.

FAQ 1: What do you think about the Wang Fuk Chew TZ300?
I get asked for my opinions on all sorts of bikes I've never ridden, some I've never even heard of. I've already done reviews of some bikes, if I haven't done a video about it then I can't really comment on it. And all you young viewers, please stop asking me what the best 50cc bike is. I haven't ridden bikes that size since the early 1970s. What makes you think I'd be test riding modern 50cc bikes. Seriously.

FAQ 2: What are some good riding areas in Colorado?
Seriously this is a very frequently asked question. C'mon guys, I'm Australian... how the hell would I know? I think these sorts of questions are usually young viewers who are used to their parents doing everything for them. Just use this thing called Google and look it up yourself. Or I can use this Let me google that for you service instead.

FAQ 3: Can you do a training vid about wheelies?
Most of the time I've already done the training vid, but someone couldn't be bothered looking. I've listed and categorised all the training vids on the website. I've also done the same on the Youtube channel home page which also has a search function. And of course there's Google again. Just type in cross training then whatever it is you are looking for and if there's a video it will pop up. Ditto for review vids or any other topics.

FAQ 4: Do I have other Youtube channels?
Yep this is a frequently asked question still. I mention these occasionally, and there are often links in the video description. Here they are again.

FAQ 5: Why do you talk so slowly?
Most Australians have very few brain cells, I'm no exception. Also, many viewers don't speak English as their first language so it helps a lot if I don't carry on with the super excited amphetamine induced rush that American popular culture is spreading internationally. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other Youtube channels.

FAQ 6: Where do you ride? Can I come too?
Sorry guys, we mostly ride on private properties and the owners don't even want the general location being given out. The initiation rites involve having your private parts branded too.

FAQ 7: I like the disclaimers at the beginning but why don't you allow enough time to read them?
Just hit the space bar on your keyboard to pause the vid. It ain't rocket science. Well it is for your average Australian but the rest of you should be okay.

FAQ 8: Why did you sell the RR300 and get a RR480 instead?
This was answered back when I got the RR480, it's a question asked very frequently here it is again. If you follow the adventure riding channel you will know that FFRC is a local suspension mob who lent me a DR650 for an adventure bike project. As this is drawing to a close, I suggested the Beta RR480 as the next project bike and they agreed.

FAQ 9: How are you going with trying to do these vids full time?
Thanks for asking this frequently asked question, I'm getting there. About 100 viewers out of the 66,000 subscribers are supporting the vids. It's not quite enough to survive on so I'm still using my savings to make up the short fall. If anyone is worried I'm getting rich, then making these videos works out to about US$6 an hour so it's not exactly a massive paying job but I love doing it.

So anyway guys, that's it for the frequently asked questions. Great to be back home again but already plotting a return to Canada next year if I can foil the authorities who no doubt will be trying their best to keep me out now. Exciting times...


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