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Published on Feb 7, 2009

Secrets Behind The Movie 'The Secret', (Still Being Kept A Secret).

Such As The ORIGINAL SOURCE Of Its Inspiration, Being That Of Jerry And Esther Hicks, Which Was Shared ONLY 'In The 1st Making' Of The Movie Version.


When Rhonda Byrne, (PRODUCER OF THE SECRET) Tried To STEAL, And Then Tried To LEGALLY Take The Intellectual Property Rights of Jerry And Esther Hicks, ((And Lost)) She Was Left Without The Teachings Of Abraham, ((WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO USE THE TERM "LAW OF ATTRACTION" IN THE SECOND FILMING/SECOND VERSION OF THE MOVIE ((AND WAS Left With A Clump Of Half-Truths (True Statements & NO DIRECTIVES FOR EASY APPLICABILITY (( As Jerry And Esther Hicks Have Been Teaching FOR OVER 25 YEARS)) Which She Still Sells For A Whole Lot Of Money Anyway.

But At Least You Got An Intro To Law Of Attraction, Right? Somewhat Anyway.

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The Basic Premise Of 'LAW OF ATTRACTION" & 'The Secret', State That 'Thoughts Become Things'; BUT, That Is Meaningless Unless You Know 'HOW' Thoughts BECOME Things; And Why! ((MORE IMPORTANTLY, THAT ALL/EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCE ( 'IS YOU' ) As A Mirror Of Your Thinking/BeingNess)) To Behold and Refine Concordantly.

In A Physical Reality Thoughts & Words Without Action Are Empty, But When Thoughts & Words Are InSpired, ONLY THEN, Are They Able To Move Mountains.

The Truth About Consciousness, Mind/AWARENESS, (Which Is Beyond Consciousness; As The Realm Of Consciousness Governs ONLY Physical Reflections Of Reality), And That Of Materiality, Are SOOOO Much Easier To Understand And Apply To Our Daily Lives, When We Know The REAL Principles And The DIRECT/DIRECTIVE Steps To Take...Then How To Get Out Of Our Own Way So We May Apply Grace To Experience Manifestational Alignment With PREFERENCE; EFFORTLESSLY, ON AUTO-PILOT, "In Aligned With Serving The Highest Benefit Of All Involved" (( Published Prayerful Phrase/REMINDER OF 'Easiest Form' OF ALIGN-ABILITY, by Blissful Brother V'))

We'll Quickly Find That Life Becomes Flow-Fully-Fun When We Allow Our True Nature/Essence/Highest Expressions Of SELF To Be Our Self's Guide.

When We're Empowered Of GracefulNess IN Our Actions BECAUSE OF TRUE IN-SPIR-ATION, Then We'll Never Need Motives Or Motivation; Which Is Forcefulness, Out of alignment with Harmonious Manifesting, ( Which Is TRUE ALMIGHTY Power).

And Power Always Wins Over Force!

So, What If You Had The Absolute Best Group Of Providers, Which Fulfill All Of Your Choices of experiences to be had, Even Long Before You Even Know That You Have Expanded Your Range of Options For your Next Experience, or Knew There Was A Need To Be Fulfilled or Desired preference Yet Realized by You?

Well, You Do; They / IT Fulfill/s All Your Choices for you, based on the Truth you hold about Life/You for You.

Just Like We KNOW Its more Difficult Seeing The Top Of Our Head & Bottoms Of Our Feet, We Overlook And Misunderstand The Powerfully Genius State Of Our Eternal Internal Manager.

It Is Our Source Of Power, For All Life, and Our Beingness; And It Is Closer To Us Than Our Head, Hands & Feet!

We Will Get To Where We Prefer To Be, ((( Faster, and More Gracefully ))), When We First Get To Realize/Know Where We Are, and can find ourselves At Peace Within OurSelves, about or with where we are for now; while knowing we've found some new version of preference to begin appreciating, ((and therefore further allow it to be supported into its Next Natural Expression of One's NEW CURRENT LEVEL of Personal Truth, and subsequent concordant manifestations)).

Breathe Easy and Blessings Be,
Brother V'.

Easy Mastery of Law of Attraction; Master The Art of Allowing

Ultimate Self Management Scenario

How To Live Happily Ever After & Help All Find Ease

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