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Published on Oct 25, 2017

I tried to make a super luxurious salmon roe using the taste of autumn "生 筋 子"
Although I got cholesterol in my pudding body and considerable damage to my body, I was able to make one dream come true (lol)

⇩ Detailed recipe is here ♪ ⇩
○ Ikura soy sauce pickled ・ Mirin: Put sake in the pot at the same rate and put it on a fire to bring it to a boil to burn off the alcohol ※ To avoid bitterness and miscellaneous taste, alcohol odor to the salmon roe ♪
※ Just so many flames go up!
There is a danger of fire because the flame rises to reach the ceiling easily if it is lighted in a strong fire condition.
※ If it is done in the same way, make sure that there are no flammable materials nearby, and cook at a slight heat or moderate heat and cook little by little. In addition, please be sure to "light up the lid of the pot at hand" so that you can extinguish it anytime ^ ^;
※ Please be aware that the ventilation fan gets extremely hot.
※ If you want to simmer without light, you can boil it until the smell of alcohol disappears (# ^ ^ #)

・ Put the salt so that the concentration of seawater is about 40 ° C and open the muscle from the crack lightly loosen ※ It is fine in order to ease the next process ♪
・ I give it to monkeys ・ I put salmon roe and extra salt in the bowl and put boiling water (about 70-75 ° C) ※ Because the fire gets hard when salmon roe exceeds 80 ° C, the boiling water about 70-75 ° C Please pour (# ^ ^ #)
※ How to do with lukewarm water, how to do with cold water, how to use a net, etc.
There are many ways to solve salmon roe, but it is a personally recommended method because it has the advantage of being able to prepare at once with this method and the advantage of reducing the risk of parasites.

・ Remove hot water and put it in a vegetable bowl and remove the muscle ※ Please peel off the salmon roe from the membrane while turning it fairly well ♪
・ I give it to monkeys once ・ If the muscles get loose, add water and throw away the water with the remaining muscles and trash ※ If the film is left and the texture gets worse, the salmon roe becomes fresh smell The point is to repeat it until the film completely disappears (# ^ ^ #)
※ At this time salmon roe becomes white, but it is all right as we develop red again in the next process ♪

・ Gently put water in the colander for about 10 minutes if it becomes clean ・ Put salmon roe in the tapper, add seasoning liquid to the extent that the salmon roes soak, and let it sit for about 3 hours in the refrigerator. Then I personally like this because the sweetness of salmon roe comes out ♪
※ It will be a solid taste and pickle one night ♪
"Trip knowledge"
It seems that it is common for food to be served after freezing once in a freezer and then serving it to completely eliminate the risk of anisakis in the restaurant something (* ω ω `*)

Preparation of cooked rice Preparation of chopped ginger ・ Scissored ginger in half ・ Separate in half and divide by hand ・ Separate in chopsticks with chopsticks as if dividing chopsticks into small chopsticks ・ Separate shiitake with umbrella and shaft and either by hand Cut the carrot into shreds ・ Cut the salmon into a suitable size ○ Cook the cooked rice · Cook ginger with sesame oil and add mushrooms to the place where the smell comes out Shake the salt and fry as if to drain the water・ Salt salmon with salt and bake with sesame oil ・ Put rice, soy sauce, mirin, soup stock in the rice cooker to a little less amount of water than usual cooking and add mushroom, carrot and then cook rice ・ Cook rice It is completed by mixing it with salmon ♪
仕 上 げ Fill them with salmon roe in a bowl of finished mixed rice and add sashimi of salmon or sashimi to your liking if you like (* 'ω` *)

Thank you for watching until the end (# ^ ^ #)
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