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Published on Apr 23, 2012

This was meant for March 26th.
e-mail: camille.porthouse@hotmail.com
Instagram: @porthousephotography

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Captain Genius
Most TESTS in 'NEUROLOGY-LAND' are a waste of time...The MRI's and EEG's--please....All those 'tests' do is show potential areas of um, SOMETHING....Ironically, when you review the science behind eeg's and mri's, its rather shady...Some people have ZERO masses but still HAVE seizures, while others have SOME masses but have ZERO seizures.....NO reason to KEEP having the same tests if you keep have seizures....Blood work is also similar, in that REGARDLESS of what it says, it does NOT guarantee you will or will not have seizures(a neurologist told me that one)----so it's a rather pointless test too......... Ofcourse these 'tests' are how the med community makes their $$$$, and it's all about the money......TWO choices offered by the med community to seizure patients are PILLS or BRAIN SURGERY---that's it....They don't really offer alternative anything, since they can't make money off you doing a ketogenic or atkins diet, or other NATURAL things..... After years of dealing with the neuros it's VERY clear to me that they are not trained in CURING anything....When you understand that, you start to do your own research and do your own natural cures......
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There is something else that all these tests do - make the doctor more money. In my case I have to have an EEG every year. Same result of course. I still have epilepsy. No kidding! and each time, they charge my insurance company $500.00.
Captain Genius
Look up the ketogenic diet, similar to the atkins diet...This diet was developed in the 30's to help children with epilepsy, and had good results.....It's recently been shown to help with other medical conditions......I've done it in the past for over a year with no issues.....If you aren't taking meds, than I would def suggest that....
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Beckii LuLu
I feel glad I've started interacting online more with the Epilepsy society instead of trying to battle it out alone! I'm 21 and I've had Epilepsy since birth and was diagnosed when I was 4. I take Medicine for my Tonic Clonic/ Grand Mal seizures, but it really does suck as I've had dozens of side effects from intense dizziness, tiredness, bad intellect, heart palpitations the lot!! Been through all the tests too -_- Hearing about all the ways people have been helped does give me extra hope. I hope that you manage to receive the right help that you need! :)
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Murray Ormiston
Camille Porthouse I completeley understand how horrible it is to have epilepsy I have had it since birth im now 16 livening with it and I am getting the epilepsy ribbon tattooed on my wrist an I have had invasive brain surgery and I have learnt to deal with it now but always remember with pain comes strength xx. :)
Hugo Estrada
I'm 29 and I've had epilepsy since birth and was re diagnosed in 2009 at the age of 21. I take medicine or smoke weed for my tonic clonic/ Grand Mal seizures, but i enjoy life everyday
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Nicole Rocco
So glad you are feeling better...epilepsy is the worst -__-
Charles Steward
Yes it is.
I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when i was four years old, I am now 23 and have been seizure free for seven and a half years. I take 2000 miligrams of Levatiracetem each and everyday. I have my drivers license and i can do just about everything a person without Epilepsy can do. I just have to be extra careful. For everyone out there with Epilepsy you can defeat the odds.
Quentin Moon
I take 100 mg Vimpat x2 daily and 1500 mg of keppra x2 daily still have seizures every month or so.
Charles Steward
Wow 2000mg I take the same meds but only half that dose. I have nocturnal Epilepsy I hope it goes away Please check out and share my story Ty.
Caprisha Page
I'm in my 30s and was recently diagnosed. It's such a difficult path to navigate. Thank you for sharing.
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{ patricia's notes }
It's great to share our stories to see we're not alone.. seizures are far more common than people think, and in most cases medication can control that so others don't have a clue we have it. But it's an internal battle... we all know it. I'm all for sharing and breaking the stigma.
Caprisha Page
{ patricia's notes } Thank you so much! It is astonishing to me what our bodies can do, but I have been equally humbled by the love and support I have encountered. It makes each day easier. ❤
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I have had epilepsy since last year I have been struggling so much and I very happy that you shared your struggles it makes me feel like I am not alone
Mike Flint
You are not alone baby, there are many of us...
Amelia Shipley
I've never met anyone or known anyone my age who has epilepsy. I was diagnosed over 7 years ago, and it's still hard every day. I recently just had my first two grand mals and it truly is devastating. People without epilepsy don't understand. So many doctors appointments, an EEG and MRI after every seizure. Epilepsy is invisible to others. After my grand mals, I did have to come to terms that I could die during a grand mal. Others say "isnt there medication" "why cant you drive" "go see a doctor" "switch medications". Sometimes its so hard, because no matter how physically exhausting and emotionally tormenting a seizure can be, you have to get through it, and you have to get through it knowing that this is how your life will be.
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aine redmond
I admire you Camille..saying it exactly how it is! You are absolutely stunning and I can't even magine what you're going through. Hope a cure will come out eventually xx
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