The Book Of Zexion's Life - A Zexion Tribute





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Uploaded on Feb 7, 2008

This vid (and description) contains several Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories spoilers. If you've only read the COM mangas, this should also come as a surprise to you...

This time last year...hell, even a few months ago...a vid like this wouldn't have happened.
How things change, huh?

Yup, this is a tribute to Zexion. A LONG tribute.
And to think I used to hate him...
Yeah, I know. What was wrong with me? ;D
Ah well, no need to go into detail about that -_-'

What turned me around? I dunno...maybe it was the book...or maybe it was the Zemyx XD

Anyway, I was looking through my CD collection for songs that fit Zemyx, and when I came across the title of this one, I was like "whoa, I've gotta look up the lyrics to this!" Thankfully, the CD booklet had them ^_^
I liked what I read, and then when I looked further, I knew I HAD to make a video out of it. Why?
It said the featured guest artist on the track was Anoushka Shankar.
And she plays the sitar.

I am not making this up.
A REAL sitar can be heard on this track.

So naturally, this has elements of Zemyx in it XD
Sorry to those who don't like the Demyx/Zexion pairing, I couldn't NOT do it, really. It'd just be wrong. XD

Well, besides the Zemyx, this is about Zexion and his life in Organization XIII.
He reads his book, and reflects on all the things that have happened in his life, the people around him, and life in general.
Victory and defeat, joy and sorrow, anger and pain, love and loss...and the meaning of it all.
Yeah, I imagine Zexion as being the deep, intellectual type ^_^
And all the while, Demyx plays his sitar for his friend...or lover, however you want to see it :D

Axel is pretty much the symbolic -- and literal -- enemy in this, he's alluded to several times, and not in a postive light. Sorry about that -_-'
But hey, that's pretty much part of every story, right? And this being the book of Zexion's life, naturally, there has to be an ending. Life. Death. Death's not evil, it's just part of life.
Ah, getting too philosophical...
Anyway, I'm just trying to say, Axel's not supposed to be the "evil" part of this. He's the essential part.
And also...sorry about making it seem like he's going to hell o.0
It was the best fire clip available for the lyric, alright? -_-'

Before there's any confusion about the "fathers and sons" part...I put Ansem the Wise and Xemnas only because A, they were teacher/apprentice, and Ansem the Wise saved Xemnas' other, so they could have very well had a kind of father/son relationship back then (the son being the rebellious teenager type XD), and B, there aren't many fathers and sons shown in Kingdom Hearts :/
(And the reference had to be relevant to Zexion's life...so, yeah)

I did the best I could with this...I'll admit it: It's a weird song.
It's long, for one, which makes making a video to it harder (especially when you're working with a character who doesn't exactly have a glut of clips in which he appears -_-). Initially, when I first heard the song (years ago), I thought it as being about Sting writing his autobiography (don't ask; I think I saw him on Oprah back then -_-'), so I didn't really think more into it then. Re-discovering it now, I translated it in a more abstract way (I love songs like that XD).
It's got an Indian sound to it, obviously. The sitar IS an Indian instrument in origin...
(and by "Indian" I mean coming from the country India, not Native Americans -_-)
Zexion is surprisingly good at singing with an Indian accent ;D
(I don't know all that much about Indian stuff, so that's all I can think to call it ^^')
I improvised A LOT with this, given the lyrics...not as brain-crushing as it was with "How The War On Nobodies Began", but it was still tough -_-
Plus, I made myself cry with a part of this :'(
But anyway...I worked pretty hard on this, for quite a while, so...I hope you enjoy it ^_^
And like I said, I did the best I could, given what I had to work with...

The video clips are from KH-Vids.net, KHinsider.com, and KH2.co.uk, and the song is "The Book Of My Life" by Sting.
Special thanks to lilmizzrebel31 for providing the Japanese version of the second Demyx battle ^_^ And also for sending me the clip of Zexion with his book...this video wouldn't have been possible without it ^^

The pic at the end is from deviantart.com, by onac911. It was the best one I could find that still fit the mood of the song :/


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