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Uploaded on Sep 26, 2011

HI :) posted one before this

(( later))

(( nicks POV))

I had Selena in my arms her head was on my chest

* babe you sleeping* I asked

* yes* I heard her say

I chuckled as I just hugged her tight

* nick can't breathe* she said

* Ohh sorry* I let go of her she looked up at me * what's wrong* I asked

She shook her head * nothing*

* is this about Alex*

* Alex * she questioned

I nodded * yes alex as in our daughter who was at the beach *

* you knew*

* yes at first I didn't think it was here but then when I left to the car and when I was walking back to you I saw her and Nate * I said

* just don't say anything please or else she is going to think that I told you*

* did you give her some sort of punishment *

* yes 2 weeks not going out*

* Selena you know that is not a very good punishment *

She nodded * I know *

* but at least its something*

She smiled * now let's sleep cus I'm tired*

I smiled and kissed her * okay*

(( next day)) (( Selenas POV))

* where's Alex she is going to miss the bus *

Aly looked at me * she's having trouble finding something to wear*

Abi laughed I eyed her * what* she says * Alex having problems in clothes now that is funny*

* be nice she is in that stage*

* mom she's going to turn 14 and not to mention that the guy she likes is turning 15 in a few months*

* and they are in the same grade well either Alex is smart or Nate is stupid*

* Aly don't say that he just got held back a grade that's all*

* yeah it's hard to believe Alex is smart* she went on letting out a laugh

I shook my head then Alex made her way downstairs *ready*

She nodded

Abi looked at her * I don't know whats all the fuss about you still look the same*

Alex glared at her

* Abigail* I said

* well I'm Leaving* Alex said then walked out

* Abi that's not nice *

* yeA Abi * Aly said

* you too Alyson both of you know that it's hard for Alex to fit in and your not helping*

Abi sighed and Aly stood up * ima go get my stuff*

I nodded and then made her way upstairs

* mom*

I looked at Abi * yes*

* does Alex cut herself*

My heart seemed to stop * why do you ask*

* mom I'm not stupid you know that night when she locked herself in the restroom it was because of that and wat else can the bandages around her wrists be for and I seen the scars even if she tries to hide them under the bracelets *

I sighed * yes* I said

She nodded

* Abi she's been through a lot and I really don't want her to go through more*

* why don't you send her to a shrink*

* Abi please *

She sighed * okay fine but what if she wants to take her own life* and then she was walking away

I closed my eyes if she only knew that I almost took my own life

Hi so what series do you want us to post next??
- Love Story
- M.T.F (a nelena story)
- Forbidden Love
- Turn Right


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