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Uploaded on Jul 28, 2011

600 VGMs down, and still so many more to post! Like usual, to celebrate this milestone, I have created a collection of various Top VGMs from #1 to #600.

See how many of the pieces you can recognize and post them in a comment. I'll update the description to keep track of the ones that have been correctly identified. This time, I numbered them, making this a lot easier.

The picture is "Game Overload" by RRRandomness, with some additions by me :D

1. Cave Story--Eyes of Flame--/watch?v=EvtsXUg1Q1M
2. Mother 3--Hustle For Pride--/watch?v=I6cqEJQOdOI
3. Kirby's Epic Yarn--Revenge of Meta Knight--/watch?v=a9j1gnh7Vt8
4. Plants Vs. Zombies--Daytime in the Backyard--/watch?v=hZEiWlU6_Hg
5. Kingdom Hearts--Monstrous Monstro--/watch?v=m-ytvVW-jL8
6. Xenoblade--Unfinished Battle--/watch?v=oHGmL5ugF9Y
7. Shadow of the Colossus--A Despair-Filled Farewell--/watch?v=K_WWcVnClY4
8. Super Stardust HD--Lave (Orchestrated)--/watch?v=VGLUOXnjI6o
9. Banjo Tooie--Isle o' Hags--/watch?v=tPNbO9ffEMM
10. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story--Boss--/watch?v=qbymSDniaHU
11. Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life--Flowerbud Fall--/watch?v=Yz4QG6Qi72M
12. Donkey Kong Country Returns--Fear Factory Returns--/watch?v=ZdWA2wBaGrI
13. Recettear--Lost World--/watch?v=poNlmB1Kt4o
14. VVVVVV--Positive Force-- /watch?v=CtWuZEe5tkk
15. Rhythm Heaven--Remix 8--/watch?v=iqwmMgj6ihg
16. Shatter--Boss--/watch?v=Stv_-7-w_ts
17. Contact--Habara~Lower Floors--/watch?v=ATimb0HURKI
18. Mario Kart Wii--Moonview Highway--/watch?v=fgbhQTQUdeY
19. Scott Pilgrim--Frying Tengu--/watch?v=XEL738_eOJ8
20. Zombies Ate My Neighbors--Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem--/watch?v=L3cIBtKIUQM
21. Phoenix Wright--Cornered--/watch?v=5QviOhkxIaY
22. The Impossible Game--Chaoz Fantasy--/watch?v=_Q6-5f9Q-ro
23. Portal 2--I AM NOT A MORON!--/watch?v=6Tw58KbmzY8
24. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise--Winter Shines--/watch?v=G0vSyvn1IMs
25. Trine 2--/watch?v=bvpdoCBmqOk
26. Fable III--Brightwall Village--/watch?v=vjgoBL3SyW0
27. Braid--Downstream--/watch?v=cNMSapuVco4
28. Touhou 9--Flowering Night--/watch?v=fQ8DKw34bPg
29. Atelier Viorate--Trotting Through the Darkness--/watch?v=77cW0MHK-M4
30. Sonic Colors--Planet Wisp Act 1--/watch?v=j9yIgWa9dgU
31. Project Dream--Blackeye--/watch?v=GX2Xu2rP454
32. Pokemon Black/White--Nimbasa City--/watch?v=F2CyOsaCs74
33. Red Steel--Most Dangerous Game--/watch?v=x1_9jodbAMw
34. Call of the Underworld--Melanie Alcahest--/watch?v=cim1uHsNhYw
35. Zelda: Four Swords Adventures--Village of the Blue Maiden--/watch?v=ER49C9JTM0U
36. Paper Mario: TTYD--Twilight Trail--/watch?v=2FJxBcylJ7g
37. Costume Quest--/watch?v=8wXU6oLhLPA
38. Nightmare Ned--Mouse Song--/watch?v=3ppT2V3DkYQ
39. Mr. Driller: Drill Land--Die Weißen Heizen--/watch?v=mw5Z3BzrNgU
40. Epic Mickey--Pirates of the Wasteland Boss--/watch?v=wgs0s2r2Aao
41. CABAL Online--Another Truth--/watch?v=ZcVGougHayA
42. Lost Odyssey--Roar of the Departed Souls--/watch?v=tTiWl3zdBtk
43. Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?--Tower of Ice--/watch?v=kAYSiSCsuf0
44. Gish--Church--/watch?v=MiRJlX0wmRQ
45. God Hand--Gene's Rock-a-Bye--/watch?v=ML-piIsSrEg
46. Chibi Robo--Drake Redcrest's Theme--/watch?v=Sx-0pIVXEEo
47. Kameo--Thorn's Pass--/watch?v=Ub0wsV3cY8M
48. Mega Man V--Uranus--/watch?v=s0X9Lm4HRKo
49. Zack and Wiki--Final Showdown!--/watch?v=XM2EqyLvHo8
50. Toki Tori--Creepy Castle--/watch?v=E6HNvxnS2Cc
51. The Neverhood--Skat Radio--/watch?v=gyhOeDDAznQ
52. Guilty Gear 2--Holy Orders--/watch?v=1MKxikkg-h8
53. The Maw--/watch?v=-buzSTwU_3E
54. World of Warcraft--The Culling of Stratholme--/watch?v=-30WSr_VtJk
55. ilomilo--/watch?v=wOfNoaLbCgk
56. Wild Arms 5--A Boy Meets Girl and Arms--/watch?v=mayCscyM_NI
57. Big Bang Mini--Aurora Boss--/watch?v=OlK-3KWddkk
58. Angry Birds--/watch?v=JUq1jCkYS0c
59. Bayonetta--Blood and Darkness--/watch?v=dhuhI7akerA
60. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood--The Brotherhood Escapes--/watch?v=Fuuhm-eQT98--
61. Paper Mario--The Castle Crumbles--/watch?v=284CSSw9488
62. 3D Dot Game Heroes--Risk Your Life--/watch?v=iId1Wf192Qc
63. Xenosaga Episode I--Albedo's Theme--/watch?v=XSwFNAzg-oU
64. Enslaved--The Hero's Journey--/watch?v=Bs0heTfDpxw
65. Chrono Cross--Dream of the Shore Near Another World--/watch?v=MjDj1aT98kg
66. Folklore--A Mysterious Door--/watch?v=jR0gi3zBDC0
67. 999--Morphogenetic Sorrow--/watch?v=ADd6-7uAU8s
68. Catherine--Bizet L'Arlésienne Second Suite--/watch?v=B356T_fHi5E
69. Dynasty Warriors 7--The Last Battle--/watch?v=QTlesVVZC-o
70. Bomberman Hero--Tripod--http/watch?v=vZIEbCBj1bg
71. The Elder Scrolls V--Sons of Skyrim--/watch?v=UXFZ5m7v7zM
72. Tales of Monkey Island--Let's Face-off!--/watch?v=Yo3-oLZNafQ
73. Super Mario World--/watch?v=_IbYgutPuNw
74. Endless Ocean: Blue World--Dúlamán--/watch?v=EDdYaNVhCr4

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