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Published on Jun 9, 2009

The brand new trailer for the Red vs. Blue 2009 Summer Season, "Recreation." New episodes every Monday at 9pm Central, only at http://redvsblue.com/

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Never A Dull Moment
I dont know why, but I think its sexy when tex talks in a quiet voice
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Paradox Bolt
+S-094 Cam don't lie you intentionally said it that way
S-094 Cam
No you're pretty much dead on. [...] no pun intended.
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RJ Red
These are the true ghosts of Church and Texas. They cannot posses bodies, they cannot contact the living. They can only watch.
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David Bridges
Ok, I'll give you that one. Burnie's interviews can't be accepted as gospel. Still, I feel like my main point still holds up. It is literally impossible for Church and Tex to be literal ghosts. And maybe, maybe the writers could come up with some reason Alpha survived the EMP, like an EMP proof robot body or whatever (but that would be stupid); Tex is another matter entirely. She was one of the AI's in the Meta's head when it went off. Meta doesn't have any AI with him when he reappears later, so it goes without saying that she would've been deleted along with the rest of the fragments. The Church and Tex that we see in this trailer are not actually there, in any form whatsoever. They're just metaphors for this season's story. The alternative is logically impossible. You might as well try to square a circle, or say 2+2=5.
Do you know how many times they've retconned Burnie's interviews? He once revealed that Church's original body was a robot. Then they released a guide that confirmed it. THEN it was later confirmed to be Private Jimmy. Burnie's interviews hold no weight anymore. He no longer has control over the show.
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S-094 Cam
I know they're both dead by this point, but I still get misty eyed no matter how many times I watch this.
Marc Cannon
The bad fire lines were my favorite caboose ever said
Eleanor Breheny
I'm now over half way through all of RvB. Yay for binge! 
+Dizzy Lizzy Dude, same here. It's awesome. :)
its a good feeling ain't it. procrastination is awesome. 
I love that people are asking questions & debating whether Alpha Church &...well the first Tex AI are still alive. Since this released years ago....
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those people are stupid. that was like half the plot towards the end. Both being wiped out with emp
+Captain Butch Flowers Agent Florida The original Church & Tex AI died in season 6. Those were based on real people in the show. The new ones are Epsilon's memories/versions of them since Caboose told Epsilon about the adventures the Reds & Blue's had over the years. He did so between season 6 & 7. Then what...he got back his older memories, which were locked up, so then he remembered the rest of the AI fragments which now allows them to be back in a way. And wait...was this the trailer with "ghost" Church & Tex talking? If so, they're just there for the trailer. Unless a year or so in the future RT actually say they're alive which then would retcon even more stuff...
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Uh, fuck. What do i do with accidental report? Stupid touchscreen keyboard bullshit...
Ivan Lee
I feel you.
tex in trailer but not in entire season. fuck you guys 
Dafaq?! She stole the show in Season 8 bro! You can't complain!
Heather Pyc
I will never accept church being an a.i HES A GHOST
I'm very confused.  If church was only a ghost because he was an AI, does that mean that both Tex and Serge are AIs?  Both of them appeared as ghosts.
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Micgelo Gaming
+Revanaught I agree Wtf
Sarges armour went into recovery lock down
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