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Published on Dec 10, 2011

when 1 just won't do ;) friendmee!

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In this video I give an overview on the relationship style called polyamory. I start out by answering the question: what is polyamory? I compare polyamory to polygamy and swinging. Then I talk about the normative features of monogamy and how polyamory might compare. I then talk about common myths and misunderstandings about polyamory and the polyamorous.

The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton
The Myth of Monogamy by David Barash & Judith Eve Lipton
Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan
The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory by Francoise Simpere
Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

Polyamory 101, Jealousy Guide, Relationship Guide

Poly in pictures

What Psychologists Should Know About Polyamory

Polyamory Society

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Comments • 1,566

I know a trio who has been together for over 20 years. They all love each other deeply.  I certainly see nothing wrong with it.
Julia Price
im polyamorous :) 2 boyfriends and a girlfriend :)
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Julia, you need a real man, bae. Hit me up.
Julia Price
+EyeLean5280 its ok lol  
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I am an asexual polyamourous. Polyamory is not sex, it's romance, and maybe it includes sex, but our relationship doesn't.
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komentator zad ruge
so you are friends?
Alexandria Lilith Blackwell
yeah for poly ace people give you high five im poly ace too
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Jake Stockton
I'm polyamorous. I have two hands.
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Jake Stockton Luckiest Bastard in the world eh? I don't even have two hands.
first last
yes but its only useful if you can use them Both at the same time .
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Lis Gabrielle
My dad recently came out to me as Polyamorous, and I'd like to thank you Laci. I've been watching you since July, and you've helped me learn so much. He didn't have to explain it, I was just like, "Okay. Cool." Love your videos Laci!
Tosca Greenwood
+Lis Gabrielle That's awesome! I would honestly have been weirded out if my dad said that, it's hard to be open minded, but I'd at least understand.
Nathaniel Bandy
On a personal level, I would never be okay with this. To each his own of course, but just the idea of this is very uncomfortable for me. I'm probably just brainwashed to believe that, but it really just doesn't feel right to love move then one other person romantically/sexually. Just imagining being a part of a polyamory makes my stomach quiver up.
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DB GoodGreen
+Rebekah Koons​ ok, it could b something im missing, n u kno i think I'll just let it miss me, goodluck
Rebekah Koons
+DB GoodGreen You spelled a lot of things wrong. Also, no one said anything about using someone for sex. Polyamory is about multiple romantic relationships, that's why she mentioned there is a difference between swingers and poly couples. Another thing? Your own fantasies weren't mentioned here, so don't bring them up in the comments as a supposedly valid argument.
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Samantha Daley
I am a pansexual in a polyamorous relationship. I have a girlfriend whom has a boyfriend. I do not consider him my boyfriend but rather a good friends whom I care deeply about because he is sharing the same love with my girlfriend. My girlfriend will talk to me about her boyfriend and he will do the same. She will also talk to him about me. We will all go out on threesome dates sometimes and hang out together. There will also be times when I will express physical love to her boyfriend because I feel connected with him in the fact that we are sharing the same emotions towards our girlfriend. I never get jealous and neither does he. There is no contest. I am content in the fact that even though she is committed to her boyfriend she still loves me equally and wants to spend time with me. I travel a lot as well and it is comforting in knowing she is still receiving love. I know some people will find this hard to understand but it is good to respect it for what it is. I found love, just in a different way than most.
Shout Silence
This brought me tears of joy, because I feel it's a place I want my relationship to be in. (I'm also pansexual in a polyamorous relationship, and I'm not dating my metamour but like you I would like to have that deep care for them) My relationship is on the rocks, and I have some issues to work on myself, but reading your comment brought me hope that yes, this can actually happen and everyone can be happy. Just wanted to say thanks :)
I had a negative view on polyamory before seeing this and the comments because I thought it meant the main person (like the one who everyone else has a relationship with in the group) was kind of viewed as the superior one in the group and the other people seemed kind of like property (because they only have one option whereas the main person has several). But now reading the comments of all the people who sound like they have a healthy relationship that everyone in the group enjoys, I'm thinking hey, I see nothing wrong with this! :D
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Yt LogYt
+Windy I used to have that idea too, cause through history it was indeed like that, and still is today in some filthy countries. Women were property of men, so you would never see a woman with more than 1 men. With that kind of extreme gender inequality, "polyamory" just benefits the male while degrades the females. At least things are changing (sexism) and some people in polyamorous relationships are really mature & responsible, and capable of loving & caring for everyone equally.
T'Shara Brown
What you are talking about is more polygamy... I wouldn't be in a relationship with that kind of inequality myself. As it is, I've been in a successful poly relationship for over three years.
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Grace Truth
I am totally okay with polyamory I just don't like polygamy that is done based on religion because most of the time 1. it is sexist, since the husbands get to pick how ever many trophy wives they want but never vice versa. This is done to emphasize male "superiority" and promiscurity. 2. it is oftentimes not done because of love, but rather as an arranged marriage. 3. it encourages pedophilia, where teens (16+yrs) are married to 40 year old adults.
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But that can happen without the motivation of religion.
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I've never been in a polyamorous relationship but if it were with the right people I would be open to it
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Mike Johnson
+xx Lovesick Avenger xx it sounds fun i would too do it
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