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Published on Apr 21, 2006

This is my Mt Roskill Grammar school prefect speech that i did a few my months ago, thought it was good so i'll just like to share it cheers! Hope you'll like it ;)

For those that can't hear wat i'm saying

Hello, My name is Brian. AND! Today I was send on a mission. My mission was to inspire you with this inspirational speech, so you can do something inspirering with your life so you can inspire other people too. Now I'm so inspired right now I don't know what I'm talking about so! My Friend Let me tell you a little story OK?....OOOoooo...K!

You Know....everyone was smart once. Until the boys found out there was this thing called Pokemon on TV and the girls found a invention called the telephone and well....if they're still smart well maybe they just eat a lot of Witbix or something.....i dunno! Well anyway.

You see I have a big sister and one day I noticed how time they can waste on that thing~

Doo Doo Doo Doo Beep Beep Hello Baby.....guess who Iiiiiiiiiii am?

And you know...For you know us boys we don't have the time to guess, For us its 1,2,3 tell me or I hang up rite? But this guy on the other line actually starts to guess Ar....I duno? Chow young Fat? And my sister is like Noooo, Daggy Lin? Noooo O O O OH! Its Ginalash? hehe? Nooooo

After and hour I'm sitting there amazed.....that they're still at it

The person on the other line finally finds out that my sister actually rang the wrong number...

You see that's what I have found, and we have to put those sorta attractions aside Pokemon, Telephone......Shaving legs! And do something even more interesting called studyingggg!! :D

I know that sounds a bit lame but you know I am a prefect I have to be a role model right^^

So yeah ...You gota find that inspiration to get you start studying again! Well back in my B Stream class, You see all these dudes yelling out in class having a crack at the teacher to make them laugh and that inspires me you know cause I was the skinny Asian dude sitting at the corner going hard with the cross word and word finds. "Wha Cha Cha Sensai I must study hard, You know I was that unpopular guy in class. Sensai Can i go Pee Pee?" .....One day you know what I noticed. When some of the chicks were yelling out in class I heard the some of the guys saying....

"Hey Bro!! (I'm Like) What Man? DUDEeeee THAT! Chick's got balls!!" So once I noticed that I knew that if I want to be noticed and heard I HAD TO SPEEK UP! AND EXPRESS MY IDEAS... So I gave it a try... Then I heard some chicks whisper "Omgosh Omgoh GF that skinny asian is Pretty HOT Aye!"

Nah I just made that up, but YOU KNOW! The moral of the story is that YOU GOTA STAND UP AND SPEAK UP! BE A MAN! AND EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. A wise internet site said this to me once..."Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind - don't matter and those who matter - don't mind."

So yeah....You have to set yourself some goals mate!

I told my friends some of my goals last year.....and I wanted to be a prefect!

Some of my Asians friends were like, BRIAN YOU WANT BE WHAT!?

Ewww.......You be prefect people gonna laugh at you la!

YES I DID! Want to be a prefect and I didn't really care about the negative feebacks cause I thought it was really a cool thing.

So I stuck to that goal no matter how much negative remarks they said. And I sticked to it and worked hard for it.

From that day onwards I knew that to achieve my goals I need a bit more confidence in myself, and once I gain that confidence you can learn better and do things you never though you could.

I know you guys can get that confidence I found too. Cause......

The force is strong in you my friend ^^ I can sense it from here!

Sniff Sniff Oh and the curry is strong in you too brother!


JUST! Kidding....

Alrite serious now

Remember Little Dudes there is NO FREE LUNCH

So YOU have to earn for everything YOU want.

"All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them."

So Head For da Star and You Will Sa Seed



THANK YOU my name is Brian Lai



Thanks For Looking =)

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