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Published on Jan 27, 2012

Video by Dennis Crossland..................ORIGINAL VIDEO of Lil' Bear and Tala playing in the Gift Shop of the Woodland Zoo. Note: In the middle of the clip there are pictures of these guys as they are 6 years later. THERE ARE NO VIDEO OF THEM 6 YEARS LATER BECAUSE THEY LEFT THE ZOO WHEN THEY WERE 5 MONTHS OLD AND I AM UNABLE TO CONTACT THE CURRENT OWNER.
Also note that in the clip I keep referring to the bear as a "boy", it's actually a girl.


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House Mormont battling House Stark.
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Mario Moreno
This is Gold
Hug -A- Bull
hahahaha more like getting along fabulously!
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Matt Britzius
One day, after they have both been released into the wild, they shall meet again in the heart of a moonlit night and engage in vicious combat. The bear will gain the upper hand and pin the wolf under his massive paw. Before the deathblow is struck, however, the bear will see the wolf for the puppy it once was, and remember the play fighting in the warmth of the zoo facility building. He will release the wolf, and lumber slowly into the darkness. As the panting wolf watches him leave, the bear pauses, as though to cast a glance back over his shaggy shoulder. He does not, and pushes on into the brush and the unknown of the wild night.
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To the person wondering why it appears animals can get along and humans cannot. You clearly know nothing about animals. Animals are just like human beings. They have a playful side, a hunting side, and a defensive side. They mark their territory so that other animals know to stay away. Lions are a perfect example of this. You get a quick warning before they attempt to kill you. There is no time for negotiation, it's kill or be killed when you cross the line. Or run away if you're lucky. Similarly if you want into a random persons house they'll toss you out if they do not know you. Or, if you're unlucky, they'll bust a few shots at you.
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Tony Koter
zachanikwano Humans are animals too
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My heart melts if I see this, it makes me happy. And my heart bleeds thinking of people going into the woods to shoot bears for the only reason that doing that gives them a good feeling.
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Alejandro Suarez
+Decriminalize Darwinism There are around 1,800 estimated bears left. Sad considering that over 50,000 historically lived here before we took the place.
Decriminalize Darwinism
You eat them dummy, and their is a huge black / grizzily bear population. Just because we save a couple doesn't mean you are their caregiver. We are competing predators, and one of the few that can keep their populations stable for other wildlife. Even then hunters Bearly crack the surface. Get a grip on logic and lose the virtue signalling .
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This is some Disney stuff right here 
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Entity Nation
+MegaQuagsire need to make a movie quick
Serge Gnabry
+MegaQuagsire no.
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Thanks This helped me when i was having a bad day. george
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Jessica Jones
+denmortube wow they're starting off early as babies fighting.
+denmortube Actually, thank you!! Soothed a hurting heart. TY TY TY
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Matthew  Sprague
holy crap I wish I could have grew up playing with these guys ...
The Reggie Show
If to totally different species of  animal can get along, then why can't we #RealTalk
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Jeff Solis
The Reggie Show Cuz they were raised together that's how if a bear was introduced to a wolf in the wild they would kill watch other
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Five Iron
You have a bear and a wolf as pets?  Are you Chuck Norris?
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He probably doesn't have any problems with burglars :)
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Bears and wolves - can be friends. Meanwhile human beings can't go a day without killing one another.
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Jean Myers
you really think humans get along fine? read a newspaper listen to the radio or watch on your laptop humans kill for no reason at all animals kill to survive wake up you uniformed human
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