2013 Ford Mustang GT: The Budget Boss 302 Laguna Seca? - Ignition Episode 22





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Published on Jun 25, 2012

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago drives the new 2013 Ford Mustang GT. Now featuring 420 horsepower and enhanced performance options, this latest version of the 5.0 seems to offer the power and handling potential of a bargain Boss 302 Laguna Seca. But does it deliver?

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Alex Martino
102 people bought a V6
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Once mustang fan always a mustang fan....got respect for all stangs eco/v6/GT.... But usually v6 owners eventually trade up to a GT....and for most they get the v6 since its 10k less. Its a different story if you bought a v6 because you couldnt afford the gt, than those who could have afforded a GT but went with the v6, the latter are the ones that made a mistake.
Cobra Snake
+Orion That great, I changed my mind im getting a 2015 GT it grew on me and the interior blew me away.
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I'm more an asian car fan but they are just so far behind in this segment. 2004 an STI and 350Z compared well to a Mustang in power, now they are about 100+hp behind and their handling isn't enough to bridge that difference. It's the malaise era for Japanese imports pretty much, if you don't buy this car over a 370Z you are a fool.  All these figures are better than the Nismo 370Z and that pos costs $40k+. Where I am you can get $5000+ off MSRP on a mustang GT. How can anyone compete with that?
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Harrison Smith
Mustangs are such sweet cars. 
Benny The Tree
I'm saving up my money for a gt. I mean why save up all this money and waste it on w v6? Go all the way with a v8 if you're going to spend this kind of money. That's all I'm saying. Just my mentality.
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Benny The Tree
Lol this guy ^^
I didn't know you were into the specifics that much Benny, the reason initially I said 17k is because it was higher range 16k, so i rounded up a few hundred, silly. And yes it is UNDER 25k.. 10k is UNDER 25k hence the initial comment. I welcome you Benny to find a 2014 v6 mustang (automatic) with 10k miles for 16-17k with absolutely nothing wrong with it, and a record that indicated it never missed a oil change as reccomended by hand book all of which this vehicle had that I bought. I got a BRAND NEW car basically for under 17k......... 10k miles.. that car has 100k plus miles ahead of it EASILY and its a 2014.. to educated you... your vehicle you said has around 29k miles do the mad, wise guy nearly 3x the mileage and you paid half the cost of a v8 engine MORE than me YOU are the only idiot here buddy, sales is laughing at you. Good Day enjoy your Ford it has a v8 im sure you are happy, just don't be salty when v6's are neck and neck with your gas guzzler cause they WILL be if you are following the speed limit. If you find a v6 mustang automatic 2014 with 11k or under miles for below 17k LET ME KNOW.... ive checked EVERY site available and i know many ford dealers and they said i got a kick ass deal after seeing it
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The automotive world has changed dramatically lately! Muscle Cars can corner and handle like European and import cars, imports are pushing 300+ hp, the American big 3 have restarted the pony car wars of the 60's and 70's. Cars are making more power and somehow still get better mpg
It's beautiful
Jefferson Guansing
my dream car
Ryan Greene
That Candy Red Metallic paint is beyond perfect
+fantomg100 Lol Crapmaro
Funny how "recaro" translates loosely into "super expensive" in spanish. Haha. But I love these new 5.0 mustangs though. Too bad tha they only lasted 2 years like this. The '11-'12 were also nice. The 2015's look like shit to be honest. And the 4.6's were also sort of crap. The 5.0s are perfect, I can't wait for mine.
Bane Kerby
92JoseR it's hard to disagree with you here, almost everyone I've talked to about the 2015 or newer mustang love the styling, I don't, I also believe that the 2013-2014 were the best looking mustangs since the 1960's
Worst music ever.
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