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Published on May 13, 2011

EDIT: Because my friends and subs are all so amazingly awesome and cute and GNYAHHH I WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM TO DEATH--Well I'm staying. Not quitting. I better have made a good choice.


Link to backup: http://www.youtube.com/user/XxLoveNDr...

Anyway, on to this vid.

This is a Team 7 tribute, as you may have noticed from the title, but it is also centered around Sasuke's relationships with the others. (May I just add, there are no couples whatsoever. Except maybe SS but that's just for the sake of their relationship) I centered them the way I always saw them, and always will:

Sakura was the girl he was never really friends with because his relationship with her always had romantic connotations. They had the potential to become so much more, which I must add that I truly think that if he never left, he would have fallen in love with her (and they would've made sexy babies ;D). I tried to demonstrate that she was the one who reached him on the emotional level, because she GETS him the most when it comes to feelings. It may sound weird, but she and Sasuke were always most in touch with each other's feelings. He could tell when she was down and not herself, and she could tell when something was bothering him. This is the only "pairing" you see in the vid because their relationship fits only romantically. They're not simple comrades, and they are not friends, or soul-siblings. She is his chance at a family and future full of unadulterated love.

Moving on to his relationship with Kakashi because I don't want to rant about SasuSaku's wonderful relationship (because I'm a die-hard believer for life). Kakashi was his fatherly figure, his guide. They'd gone through a lot of similar things together, and I believe that's how Kakashi based their relationship upon. He knew how things could turn out, and he didn't want Sasuke to get himself down that path, so he tried to guide him. But Sasuke was an idiot and didn't listen. Like Kakashi told him once, "You're not the kind to sit around and listen to lectures." He wasn't very implicated in the video as such, but there were hardly any clips I could work with (since I don't have all the pre-shippuden episodes and only about 50 of them.)

And last but not least, his relationship with Naruto. Naruto was the one who could always reach out to Sasuke with his fists. Their relationship was never really a good one pre-shippuden, because Naruto has never taken his time to truly understand him before Sasuke left. He quarreled with him, insulted him, and they always fought. But they grew a friendship anyway because they "spoke with their fists" and grew to respect and acknowledge each other's strength. It was always a pretty violent relationship, but the fact still remains that they have a very strong bond that makes them soul brothers.

I tried my best to separate their parts equally, but it was a bit hard. And it was extremely hard not to include any very obvious SasuSaku like her confession. I left it out because I wanted to portray their bond a little more subtly, without having to throw her confession out to make someone get that she truly loves him.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy and uh... yeah, comment your thoughts on this. BUT NO BASHING OR TALKS ABOUT PAIRINGS THAT AREN'T MENTIONED. ONLY THE SS BOND IS ALLOWED TO BE DISCUSSED ROMANTICALLY. I will not tolerate any random SasuNaru rants and such. And that isn't because I loathe that pairing, really it isn't. IT'S BECAUSE ONCE THOSE START, A PAIRING WAR IS BORN. And I want none of those on my videos,

Thank you and goodbye.


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