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Published on Jun 22, 2010

Here it is :) PLEASE COMMENT this is the last one for this series

Where we left off:

Esme: *screaming* God this hurt
Carlisle: Shh babe
Esme: *hugs into his body*
Carlisle: Shh
Doctor: *walks in* Hey Carlisle
Carlisle: Hey Mark
Doctor: Hold on this is ur wife
Carlisle: *chuckles* Yes
Esme: *grabs his hand and squeezes*
Carlisle: Shh babe
Doctor: Wow most guys would be screaming
Carlisle: Well i do deliver babies and i do have another on
Kids: *runs in*
Cj: Mommy
Esme: Hey babe ur brother and sister r coming
Carlisle: Yeah
Doctor: Damn
Carlisle: Wat
Doctor: All these r ur kids
Carlisle: Yeah all r adopt except for the little one
Cj: Who u calling little daddy
Carlisle: U man
Cj: Oh of course im little im only 3 so yeah
Esme: *giggles*

3 hour later:

Doctor: Ok Everyone out of the room except Carlisle
Cj: Love u mommy and daddy
Carlisle: Love u 2
Esme: Love u 2 *kisses his head*

20 min later:

Carlisle walks out of the room

Girls: Dad how r they
Carlisle: Perfect *smiling*
Cj: Can we see mommy
Carlisle: Of Course buddy *picking him up*
Em: So wat r their names
Carlisle: Ill let mom tell u that
Em: Ok
Charlie: *runs in* I got here as fast as i could
Carlisle: Hey right on time we r going to see them
Carlisle: Thank Cj for yelling in my ear
Nurse: *r watching him and the Cullens*
Cj: No prob daddy but i want to see mommy now
Carlisle: Ok were going
All: Go to the room
Cj: Mommy
Esme: Hey buddy do u want to see ur brother and sister
Cj: Yes please
Esme: Ok *goes to pick up Cj*
Carlisle: I got him *puts Cj on the bed*
Cj: Aww wats their names
Esme: The boy is Zack Levi and the girl is Elizabeth Marie Cullen *smiling at Cj*
Cj: Aww
Carlisle: So r u happy to be a big brother *climbs into the bed*
Cj: Yeah they r so cute *yawns*
Esme: Babe u and the kids need to go home and rest
Carlisle: No im staying with u
Esme: Ok than who bringing little one home
Kids: Us so will see u in the morning
Both: Ok
Cj: Love u mommy and daddy
Both: Love u 2 *kisses his forehead*

7 months later:

Carlisle: *walks into the daycare*
Teacher: *dazzled by him* Hey how may i help u
Carlisle: Im looking for a daycare for my kids
Teacher: How many do u have and how old
Carlisle: Come here 3 one is 3 and 2 r 7 months
Teacher: Oh do u have more
Carlisle: *chuckles* Yes i have 9 in high school and i know im only 25 but adoption
Teacher: Oh ok
Esme: *pulls up*
Carlisle: Speaking of kids here they r *walks out to get Elizabeth and Zack*
Esme: Hey sweetie
Carlisle: Hey babe idk if i like this teacher
Esme: Do u every
Carlisle: Wat i hate been stared at
Esme: *rolls her eyes*
Em: Hey dad
Carlisle: Hey Em *walks in with them all*
Teacher: R yall all here for him
All: Yup
Esme: Im Esme is wife and this is Carlisle Jr, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Jacob and Serena
Teacher: Wow *looks at the couples holding hands* R yall r together as couples to
Ali: Yup but its legal cause of the adoption
Teacher: Oh ok so they 3 r adopt to
Carlisle: *chuckles* Nope we had these 3
Esme: Yup
Cj: Mommy im hungry
Esme: Ok babe will get something on the way home
Cj: Ok *walks to Em* Want to play
Em: Sure come on bro who else is coming
Everyone except Teacher Esme and Carlisle: Coming
Ali: Dad give me Lizzie and Zack
Carlisle: Ok here *hands them to her*
Ali: *walks off with them*
Teacher: Ok fill this out and ill be back
Esme: Ok *fills papers out*

At Home:

Cj: *sleeping on Esme and Carlisle bed with Lizzie and Zack in his arms*
Esme: Babe come here
Carlisle: *shirtless* Yes Aww
Esme: Yeah *takes a picture* Come on lets go downstairs
Carlisle: Ok *throw her over his shoulder*
Esme: Put me down
Carlisle: Nope *walks downstair and puts her on the couch than sits by her*
Esme: *snuggles into him* Love u
Carlisle: Love u 2


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