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Published on Aug 20, 2012

Hey Nation. I love your faces :) Thanks for watching my Monday Show

*Links and Description type things down below*

In today's show we talk about a change in Hulu, Facebook stock at an all time low, politicians talking about rape, Russia suing Madonna, and everything else that mattered to me.

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ALL of today's Stories:

The Nation is Sexy:

The Nation is Dudes:

U.S. Congressman Todd Akin

Hulu Memo Leaked:

Madonna Being Sued:

Pussy Riot:

Facebook Stocks Slide:


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Delilah Buttontog
'phil thinks men cant be raped!!! fucking ignorant asshole!!' no. he's not saying that. he's saying that men will never experience the feeling of being raped and then IMPREGNATED by that rape and being forced to carry the rape-baby to term. because it's literally impossible... biologically.
I actually know a woman who was raped and was impregnated by the rapist, she didn't want the child and wanted to abort it but her church had told her that it was 'meant to be' and that 'it was a gift from god' and so on. she didn't want it and her husband had told her that he "would shun the child and want nothing to do with it" so I say a woman has every right to abort the child of from rape as she shouldn't have to carry for nine months the horrible reminder of that tragic event.   
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Ai Doll
Personally, I love Madonna, but hey, your opinion is just that: YOUR opinion, so no disrespect. Anyway, onto why I actually want to comment. For those who don't know, being Pro Choice is NOT the same as being "Pro Abortion." It's about having the choice of what to do with your body if you somehow get pregnant. I can't imagine how hard it would be for any woman (Including myself.) to have to make that choice.
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alton frown
men can be raped phil cmon
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Irradiated Cutie
"Has ways to shut the whole thing down" Now. I didn't know that woman's vagina's could tell the difference between sperm that was invited into their musky love pouch and sperm that invaded their way in like a biker gang! Now, I know that woman smell like cookies and look like sunsets, and that they can shoot hate and disdain from their eyes and that their breasts have a hypnotic effect that will make a person buy them a ring worth more than their car! But I did not know that woman had acid shooting, sperm killing vagina's!  I did not know I was a fucking superhero! 
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Tom Gillis
Well Phil... It's 2017. Waiting on that DNN. It'd be the only news network I ever needed!
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look about the abortion thing there need to be middle ground on it it should not be available to the slut who goes around willy-nilly and fucks everything with a dick and isnt responsible enough to use a condom or other methods of birth control... if people are going to be irresponsible and have unprotected sex and have a baby that is there mistake and they should deal with it not fucking kill it because there too irresponsible to take care of what they do... but now if the woman got pregnant due to rape OR the baby is threatening the mothers life then yes by all means have an abortion
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kyle magaro
I used to think that free pussy riot meant people were rioting for free pussy
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The Jon
"DeFranco news Network coming 2017!" Phil, you're psychic!!
Danieal Ali
  ☻/                ☻              ONE MORE BOB COMMENT AND HE DIES. /▌              ¬-- ▌\ / \                  / \
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