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Uploaded on Mar 29, 2010

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Wow, I never expected to get nearly half a million views on this video! I guess that warrants a better description. A few points that seem to come up a lot:

- Skip to ~3:40 to see the jump. I included the lead up to the jump so that everyone could see how I was climbing in the hot air balloon. I'm not sure how it works, but the ceiling limit for the game is much higher when in the hot air balloon than in any plane. In other words, you can go MUCH higher in the balloon than flying a plane as high as you can go and jumping out. Also, jumping out of a plane doesn't qualify as a "base jump" for "Fall Height" records. In order to get this high, just keep pressing the gas button on the balloon until you get to the top. Despite everyone complaining about the first three minutes being boring, I actually cut out about 20-25 minutes of climbing!

- The reason I pull my parachute at the end is that I wanted to get the record for biggest Fall Height (you have to land safely in order for the jump to count). As you see at 6:35, I accomplished this by beating the Avalanche team record. Stupidly, I didn't save my file before I shut off the PS3, and so the jump was never recorded on my profile. : (

- This video was taken from my PS3 straight from un-modified in-game footage. No Mods!

- The hot air balloon can be found at:
x 7390
y 16150

Most of all, thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed the video!

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3:40 when he ACULY jumps
I scored a 18,705 base jump 2 weeks ago, purely by accident actually. What i did was set the repeater on my Xbox 360 golden chrome series controller (Modified Edition) so that it would repeat the action button being pressed ( Y ) at a rate of 3600 repeats an hour, that breaks down to 1 repeat every second. Well Soon after i set it to repeat i got a call from a friend asking if i'd help him move a couch that was delivered and left in front of his garage door, into his game room in his basement. So i went and helped, well needless to say we partook in some of that which is only legal in states that are either always raining or covered in snow (wink)(wink). I didn't get home until just over 14 hours later to find i couldn't see anything but clouds below me and a black almost space (without the stars) sky above. The balloon had left the map and the coordinates no longer changed, but according to the arrow i was at the bottom far-right corner of the map. So after about 20 mins of walking towards the side of the basket that would make it move back into the map, the coordinates didn't change so i figured it had left the realm of the game. The only thing i could do at this point was to jump, so i jumped, and some 37 odd mins later was i able to start seeing blue ocean. It only took about another 10 mins or so to start showing me registered jump distance, and at that time it was just over 12K so i pressed the stick up and started to dive head first to the glassy blue water below. I only tried to level off at what i thought was about 100 meters left, it was going so fast i didn't get to look at the HUD in the top left corner showing me my distance. And when i couldn't stand it anymore as i didn't want to have a slash down and loose out, i pressed ( A ) to pop my parachute just as i could make out the white tips of the waves (about 60 meters above the water). It all didn't register with me until i waited to see my final measured distance in the HUD only to watch the thing to close the blue notice so fast, i had to check the statistics in the map screen to see it, and it says 18,705. My Xbox isn't modded so i have no mods installed in the game so it was just time consuming without actually having to spend the time to get to the height that i did.
+sfmountainbiker There is a glitch in the game that lets you apparently continue to gain altitude only when you're on the far edge of the map be it North, East, South, West it don't matter. Once your coordinates counter freezes and no longer registers a change because you're so far out over the water. You can then ascend to the point where it almost looks like you're in the stratosphere, you can't see anything below you but smoky clouds. You see nothing but an eerie empty black curved space above you, there are no stars, no moon, no sun, basically the only light comes from what appears to be the blackish glow of what i would call the games representation of being at the edge of atmospheric space. When in reality you're beyond the graphics rendered limit of the game, like the realm that exists beyond the games coding. Base jumping is so tricky, say you tether a balloon to a helicopter over the normal area of the map. You can then rise and rise and rise for ever and ever, or so you think. However once you reach about 10,000 feet/meters whatever, your ascent is arrested without you realizing it, it prevents you from going any higher. But visually it will seem like you're still ascending. Now remember the balloon will still be tethered directly under the helicopter. So once you think you have reached a satisfactory height, what comes next? Instinctively you press the decelerator/descend button just to arrest any upward motion and stabilize your altitude. This is where the game give you a big fuck you. Once you press the decelerator/descend button your helicopter will instantly do a free fall of about 20 meters, bumping into and bouncing off the top of the balloon. The tether will still be attached to it's a struggle to regain control. You've now just basically reversed the towing order, and now the balloon is tethered above the helicopter. You can try and gain altitude but the balloon will remain above you. To counter this you must descend 50 or so meters dragging the balloon down with you until you're able to get the balloon low enough that you can then start to regain altitude so the balloon so back below the helicopter. To start your base jump after this, you must quickly, and being ever so gental land the helicopter on the top center of the balloon. You must then exit the helicopter, and sprint off the edge of the balloon within seconds of exiting the helicopter, because the weight of the helicopter almost instantly starts to topple the balloon over on to it's side and allowing the helicopter to fall off. (a extremely light and very gental landing is key to rather your base jump is recorded/considered by the game as a true base jump). It's very tricky you instinctively want to jump out the helicopter when it is just inches/feet above the top of the balloon, do not do this. It will cause the helicopter to either explode or bumping the balloon to hard knocking you off the edge, thus ruining your whole effort. It can also land on top of you, trowing you off the balloon in an uncontrollable free fall you cannot recover from, frustrating the hell out of you as you watch for what seems like an eternity falling, only to have an uncontrolled smash into the ground below. You have to get the helicopters skid bars to rest on the balloon, even if it is for a micro second as you exit it. Most importantly if you do not coordinate the timing just right, then your base jump will be considered by the game as a true base jump, and will not record your decent. Note if it happens to not consider your effort a base jump, then no matter where else you try to get a base jump to be recorded by the game, will not be successful. It is as if the game deems you as a cheater and refuses to record any further base jump attempted by you unless you die or load a fresh game save. So you must be cautious, careful and most importantly precise in your execution using this technique. If you're successful using this method you can score an 8,500+ max base jump record. I have tried to tow a balloon out to the far fringes of the map and ascend, however it is so time consuming controlling the erratic forward motion of the helicopter, because the balloon just drags the things in every which direction, i gave-up. But if someone could get it out there and ascend with it, the base jump record could be endless. The reason I'm talking about tethering a balloon to a helicopter is because unless you're playing on PC or have a console controller with a repeater function, you would be spending days, maybe longer pushing the ascend button every few seconds to get to the heights of space.
+Admiral ……… (LMAO) That's pretty crazy (if I can understand what happened), that would be like 3x the distance in my parachute jump. The video above took me about 45 minutes to make (if I can remember 5 years ago), with the ride up in the balloon lasting about 35 minutes.
LeafyPlays AJ
Drowsy_ Mouse
this is the best game ever made 
+Drowsy_ Mouse No doubt, this game was way ahead of its time. Just Cause 3 may finally give it some competition!
In a game with the most broken physics of any game, you managed to jump almost 7km out of the air, flipping and surviving the wrong way, only to pull your parachute early. You're a fucking scrub and this is by no means a record.
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Charbel Sfeir
+KingJazzaD12 since when do physics mater in a video game ? and if u ever played JC2 u would know just how hard that record was to beat
Why so mad bro? The message at 6:33 sure seemed to say it was a record... How does one "survive the wrong way", anyways? 
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Giselle B
+Giselle B Thanks!
Gustavo Saba Durao
3:34 why not 666
+Gustavo Saba Durao I was just joking that 6.66km ("666") might be a bad omen, as in the mark of the beast. It took me a long time to get up there, I didn't want to screw something up!
That Guy
There was...
Love it. I find balloon today for the first time. I journey balloon to home base more than 9 km save game but disappear after load game. I guess balloon back to that place. Next step I'm gonna take up highest like this :)
+Wezilla Thanks! It's not easy to move around, and even taking it up high took a long time! Still looking for a hot air balloon in Just Cause 3. I'm thinking it might be DLC
I tried to do this too, but apparently the meters i fell from didn't show up.. And i didn't even get the avalanche record thingie. Too bad..
guti henrique lodeti
onde pega iso cara
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