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Published on Jan 29, 2010

Two profoundly deaf kindergarten friends clearly articulate their cochlear implant presentation to their schoolmates. (Note: Advanced Bionics is the maker of AJ's and Gibson's cochlear implants)

0:00 [AJ] Hey...I'm AJ! Yahhh! [as he jumps]
0:09 [Gibson] Hi. My name's Gibson. I'm a 'Cub' and I'm in Mrs. Bleick's class.
0:19 [Gibson] People are special in different ways.
0:22 [AJ] One of the things that makes me feel special is that I'm deaf.
0:31 [Gibson] I'm deaf too - and deaf means that your ears can't hear.
0:36 [Gibson] AJ and I have special things to show you..they're called cochlear implants."
0:45 [AJ's mother speaking] Can you show us your cochlear implant? [Gibson turns to show it] that's Gibson's cochlear implant.
[mother again...] What do they do buddy?
0:51 [Gibson] they help us hear.
0:53 [AJ] "Cochlear implant" is a big word so I call them CIs.
0:58 [AJ] "C" is for "cochlear" and the "I" is for ...[pause while he's thinking...] "implant".
1:08 [AJ] CIs are amazing 'cuz they're like bionic ears.
1:15 [Gibson] Sometimes my friends have questions about my CIs.
1:19 [AJ..pretending that he is someone asking a question] Hey, how does that thing stick to your head?
1:23 [mother speaking] Like which thing?
1:25 [AJ] My CI.
1:27 [mother] Can I see it? [as AJ turns his head to show one of his CI headpieces]
1:29 [mother again, pretending to be someone inquiring about his CI] Right there, you have something right there that sticks on. [referring to his headpiece] How does that stick?
1:35 [AJ] there's a magnet...there's a magnet inside.
1:40 [AJ] the magnet here..[showing his headpiece]...connects to the magnet in my head.
1:51 [AJ] the inside and the outside have to work together [gets hit in the face with the swing]. Gib!! [as he shouts at Gibson]
1:59 [Gibson] When I disconnect this [shows his headpiece]...I can't hear.
2:05 [AJ] When its on... [putting his headpiece in place] viola! I can hear.
2:10 [mother asks more questions] So... so do you ever take you CIs off?
[Gibson] Yeah...when I go in the water...like before I go in the water and before I take a nap in the afternoon and before I take a nap at night.
2:28 [mother] Is there anything especially...like cool that you like about having your cochlear implants?
2:34 [AJ] Yes...at night I don't have to hear my little brother when I am asleep.
2:44 [Gibson] My baby brother...he cries in the car and when I don't like it...him doing that I just go "bup!" [flicks off his headpiece] ...I can't hear...[smiling]
2:55 [AJ] I don't have to listen to the neighbor's rooster crowing in the morning...
3:05 [rooster actually crows!]
3:06 [mother laughs and says] Did you hear it?
3:07 [AJ laughing] Yes!... [turns to ask Gibson who is out of view] Did you hear that Gib?
3:11 [mother] So, is there any special thing that your friends and classmates can do to help you with your CIs?
3:16 [Gibson] Yeah, I can show them my CI and then in case I ever lose it on the playground, they can help me find it. ...In case they see it too.
3:28 [mother] They can learn what it looks like, awesome!]
3:31 [Gibson holds up his behind-the-ear CI to show]
3:32 [mother] This is what Gibson's CI looks like...the outside piece.
3:37 [AJ eating candy cane]
3:38 [mother] Can you show me what your CI headpiece looks like? In case that would ever be on the playground...[AJ removes headpiece and holds it out to show]
3:47 [mother] ...and it comes detached - sometimes it can come detached like this...[illustrates how headpiece can be pulled off from the cord] ... and it might have a sticker or it might be plain.
3:58 [Gibson] Please keep water away from my CIs and please do not splash water at my CIs.
4:05 [AJ] One more way that you could help is by talking clearly to me... [long pause] No mumbling.
4:19 [AJ] That's all folks!
4:21 [Gibson] We're excited for making friends this year...
4:25 [both AJ and Gibson] Bridges rocks! [the name of their school]
[jump off the swingset]
4:31 [thank you / ending to Michael Jackson's Black and White]
- end -

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