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Published on Nov 14, 2006

+++This is a short video showing how beautiful the Orthodox Church really is. How rich it is in tradtion, and in spirtuality, in the way they pray and in practice. The hymn is calle E-Aghapy and it is said in Coptic(Egyptian) This is the greek response to the Pauline Epistle in the presence of the pope or bishop. i will try to get the translation of the hymn... Enjoy and may God continue to Bless his Church. +++ Here is the translation guys :)

The love of God the Father, and the grace of his Only Begotten Son, our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ, and the communion and gift of the Holy Spirit. Be with our most holy righteous father, Pope Abba (Shenouda).
Pope and Patriarch of the great city of Alexandria. And all the land of Egypt, and the city of our God, Jerusalem, and the five western cities, and Libya, and Nubia, and Ethiopia, and Africa. If a Bishop is present:
And the blessed Saint, the most honorable, our father Abba (...) our Orthodox Bishop of this city and its surroundings.
May the clergy and all the people be safe in the Lord. Amen. So it shall be.

محبة الله الأب ونعمة الإبن الوحيد ربنا وإلهنا ومخلصنا يسوع المسيح. وشركة وعطية الروح القدس تكون مع الأقدس الطوباوي أبينا البابا أنبا (شنودة).
بابا وبطريرك المدينة العظمي الإسكندرية، وكل كورة مصر، ومدينة إلهنا أورشليم، والخمس مدن الغربية وليبيا والنوبة والحبشة وأفريقيا
في حضور أسقف:
والقديس المغبوط الكلي الإكرام أبينا أنبا (...) أسقفنا الأرثوذكسي الذي لهذه المدينة وتخومها.
فليكن الإكليروس وكل الشعب معارفين الرب. آمين يكون.

E-ghapee to Theo patros, ke ee-kharisto mono-ge-nos, Eio Kereio ze ke Theo ke soteros ee-emon, Eso Ekhresto, ke ee-ke-nonia ke ee-thore-a, to agio epnev-ma-to, ke ee-meta-to agio tato, ke makario tato, patros eemon papa avva (Shenouda).
Papa ke patreia-arkho, tees meghalo, po-leos Alexandre-ias, nem etkhora teers, enKimi, nem etpolees emPen-nouti Iero-salem, nem Ti-etio em vaki empi-ment, nem ti-Lebia nem Nobia nem ni-ethavsh, nem Afri-cia.

If a Bishop is present:
ke to agios ke makario eth-see-mota to, patros eemon avva (...), orthodoxo eemon epis-ko-po-tees, po-leos, tav-tees, ke ton oreio-navtees.

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Why did u include Ethiopia for Abune Shinoda to be the patriarch. Ethiopia has her own patriarch that leads the church and his name is called in the liturgies like yours.
Fatima Yemnat
What is this language?
For people who are viewing this that know little about Orthodoxy, there are Orthodox churches with English services too, most probably one in your area. Don't let the thought of "I can't understand this service!" discourage you from orthodoxy!
Same faith, different languages.
David Withun
The Bible does not have to say to do "all this...stuff." The fact of the matter is that the Bible was put together by Great Men who did "all this...stuff." The Divine Liturgy (Sunday service) of the Orthodox Church is older than the Bible, and so are all of the things which accompany it, such as the icons and candles. And all of these things were done by the men who put your Bible together. The Faith came first, then the Bible which spoke of the Faith.
I feel I am with my family when I visit the Coptic church even though I am not Coptic. May God strengthen this church more and more, and bless them. Christ is risen from the dead. Greeting from Armenian brother
Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. 3
It is the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. During the last supper He said This is my body which is given to u for the forgivness of sins. This my blood which is shed for u and for many for the remmsion of sins do this in rememberence of me. Also he said he dwels in us. WE believe that during the liturgy the bread and wine become Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
Through the liturgy we transform the body and blood of Christ from wine to blood... we do this in rememberence of him and his sacrifce... also of the new covenant with the Lord... we call this one of the 7 mysteries of the church what catholics call sacraments :)
yup yup :) +++ Peace and Love of Christ
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