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Published on Jan 4, 2009

Joe: Aw Man
Nick: I know this totally sucks.
Joe: Well.....How long will they be out there?
Nick: Mickie said See you at midnight.
Joe: Well.....Just let them go.
*At times square*
Brooke: So Sharii. What's the 411 on you and Joe??
Sharii: Well??? Just normal stuff.
Amy: Ok. Mickie, I love what you've done to your hair.
Abby: Yea I love it.
Ruben: You know that Nick dude is pretty hot too. You're so lucky McCake!
Camilla: Yea, And Joes kinda cute too. OMG! Did I just say that out loud?
Everyone: Yes! *laughs*
Sharii: I don't really care Camilla. I know hes cute/ *giggles*
Brooke: Wth, Is that rock on your finger, both of you?
Mickie: Nick, He gave me a ring.
Sharii: Yea, Joe gave me a ring too.
Amy: You two are soo screwed!
Justin: No, There not. *wraps his arm around mickie* There so not totally screwed. But BURNED! *laughs*
Mickie: *laughs* Justin. *kisses him on the cheek*
Justin: *smiles and laughs*
Amy: *whispers* Looks like someones got a crush!
Justin: SHUT UP , AMY!
*everyone laughs*
** 10pm that Day**
Sharii: omg we left like 2 hours ago and my feet are killing me! not a good day to wear heels
Mickie: Tell me about it
Julie: Hey look we're next!
*They go on stage and get interviewed by ryan seacrest and now is the countdown*
Everyone: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
*Everyone hugs everyone*
*joe kisses sharii passionately*
*Julie kisses kevin*
Mickie: *turns to Justin* well, happy new year
Justin: *smiles* happy new year
Mickie: why are you looking at me like that
Justin: um why don't you come with me for a couple minutes *pulls her off stage and they walk into the crowd*
Mickie:so what are we doing here, coz u know i gotta get back to nick
Justin: please can you forget him for a second
Mickie: well okay, but i don't see how-
Justin: *kisses her*
Mickie: *smiles & kisses back*
Justin: *pulls away & smiles* happy new year
Mickie: *backs aways smiling* uh happy new year *stumbles her way back to Nick*
Nick: hey where were you? i didn't have my girl to kiss new year
Mickie: *kisses him* well how do you like that *bites her bottom lip*
Nick: eh good enough happy new year baby *smiles*
Joe: *puts his hands on sharii's waist* wow i just remembered something
Sharii: what
Joe: i havent even brushed my teeth once this year
Sharii: omg its barely 12:10
Joe: exactly
Sharii: *smiles* ugh whatever *puts her arms around his neck & kisses him passionately*

**Later that Night**
*Phone Rings*
Denise: Hello?
??: Hi this is Sharii's mom. I would like to speak to her.
Denise: Sure
*Sharii and Joe take the phone & put it on speaker*
SM: hi princess
Sharii: Hi Mom?
SM: Happy New Years, Mija.
Sharii: Happy New Years
Joe: so why did you call?
SM: You need to take care of your sister!
Sharii: What??!?!
SM: She's in a suite at the same hotel she said she wanted to visit so i let her take an airplane up to new york anyways bye sweetien * hangs up*
Sharii: What the hell? *goes to their room*
Joe: come on you're just overreacting
Sharii: but-
Joe: *kisses her lips softly* just calm down its only your sister
Sharii: maybe you're right but she kinda gets to me *gets in the bed*
Joe: hey its ok, plus, it kinda gives us practice to raise you know who *looks at her stomach*
Sharii: ugh shut up that just reminds me that I'm getting fatter by the minute
Joe: whatever you say. . . just get some rest *they fall asleep*
**Mickie and Nick**
Nick: So, How are we starting the New Year??
Mickie: oh i dunno *bats her eyes*
Nick: *smiles* What?
Mickie: You know you can tell me about the song.
Nick: Fine. But I need to ask Joe about it.
Mickie: Pwease Nicky Poo! *kisses him with his face between her hands*
Nick: u gotta stop doing that!
Mickie: only when it gets annoying... Pwease Nicky. *puts her arms around his neck* I wuv you so much & all I want is little a song.
Nick: Can I have another kiss?
Mickie: Ok. *kisses him passionately*
Nick: ok I'll see what I can do
**Kevin and Julie**
Julie: Kevin I want a child.
Kevin: What?
Julie: You know, a baby. I want us to start a family, but it's ok if you say no
Kevin: oh I want us to have a little family too. But we have to get married first & I would like a little Paul Kevin III
Julie: ok deal *kisses him* Goodnight!
*The Next Day*
*Doorbell Rings*
???: Shar-shar, Open the door!
Sharii: Hi Carmen!
Carmen: Hey *walks in*
Sharii: um ok come in
Carmen: *sits on the bed with joe sleeping in it* *screams* WAKE UP!
Joe: *wakes up and screams* ahh! Who are you?
Carmen: I'm Charlotte's sister and your just cute as my little puppy.*kisses his cheek*
Sharii: Car, Why don't you go say hi to Mickie.
Carmen: Why should I? She stole my future husband. Well Im going to go eat. Peace! *leaves*
Joe: I think shes kinda crazy.
Sharii: *sits on joes lap and runs her fingers through his hair* Do you love me?
Joe: *smiles* of course
Sharii: Would you get me breakfast?
Joe: *moans in laziness* ugh fine!

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