Game Grumps VS - Smash Brothers Brawl - PART 1





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Published on Aug 22, 2012

Jon and I get down and dirty and find out who's the BEST Super Smash Brothers Brawl player out there (aka of only the two of us)!!
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Comments • 24,042

Pianostick 069
00:00 - 44:57 should have rolled
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WarHero 226
Why? Why won't you FUCKING ROLL!?!?
_earthling Vibes_
Should've rolled 🙄🙄🙄noobs
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Benson Obama
Should've rolled.
View all 31 replies
captain derp
Eltoons should have rolled
Should've Rick Rolled.
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War Turtle
John, you should have rolled to avoid leaving game grumps
View all 24 replies
matthew coupe
Max Howard cuz War turtle doesn't give a FUCK about FEELINGS!!!!
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Nub McWeaksauce
"Eight years from now I'll be better at this game." Mark the date on your calendar. August 22, 2020 will be the day Jon will come back and fight Arin again in smash on GG.
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Sergios xontros
he says he'll be better concerning his cough, not the game
Nate Roe
That's right before I begin my Senior year 0_0 perfect preparation
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A Duck
Should have ducked.
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Just a Duck
Abby J.
Wait a second let me catch my breath I think my lungs collapsed.
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Bagel Boy
You should have began the process of pushing your upper mass forward and pulling your legs to your chest, effectively turning your self into a ball to roll across the ground while evading the opponent, also called rolling.
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SirPanda 64
Bagel Boy how do you turn your body into a ball. i did everything you said and i didn't morph into a ball
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generic dumbass
wow Dan sounds different
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Ded Poop
+I'm a nerd what the fuck is a nerd
Jimmy Berra
Clayton Trulley what the fuck is a sonic!?
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Maximilian Peitsmeyer
You should've rolled
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Elijah Drewry They should've rolled!
Maximilian Peitsmeyer you should've been original
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smash is one of those games that has a lot of player tiers, you have your kids that dont know what's going on the "i know how to play but cpu at lvl9 is too hard" the "im pretty good" and they can hold their ground. the "no man i suck" but are actually better than pretty good guys the "i go to tournaments but i always lose" guys that are amazing and then the pro's that go to evo and shit
View all 37 replies
I'm in between "I know how to play but lvl 9 is too hard" and "I'm pretty good". Lvl 9s are easy, but I usually lose against real people.
Drunkefox what about the guys who change their main every time the go to a tournament?
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Michael Shaer
yOu DiDnT eVeN tEcH cOrReCtLy
View all 17 replies
Michael Shaer Holy shit you did the spongebob meme before anyone else
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