25 Scariest Movies Ever Made





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Published on Nov 27, 2010

25.) Carved - This is a Japanese movie I saw not too long ago about the legend of the slit-mouthed woman. I do not get frightened easily, but this movie gave me chills. It has English subtitles, so it you are not interested in having to read them, this may not be the movie for you. But trust me - you wont want to miss this. If you do want to watch it, you can find it online on a website such as Megavideo.com.

24.) 30 Days of Night - While it is not my favorite vampire movie, it is definitely a worthwhile one for the true horror movie fan. It has many jumpy moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

23.) Pan's Labyrinth - Another movie with subtitles, except this one is Spanish. The Special effects and graphics are amazing, and the plotline is strong, while keeping it's dark undertone throughout the film.

22.) Psycho - What a classic. This movie is the original. If you haven't seen it, you've heard of it. It's a truly noteworthy, primordial movie.

21.) Pet Semarary - One of the only movies that used to give me the creeps as a kid. I believe this is one of Stephen King's best novels created into a movie, along with his other great works such as Stand By Me, The Shining, Silver Bullet, Cujo, and more. If you are looking for a good scare, dim the lights, lock the doors, and watch this.

20.) Quarantine - This film is almost identical to it's predecessor, REC. It is another example of a movie that will make you jump with trepidation while never ceasing to drop the disturbing tone this movie carries.

19.) Jeepers Creepers - Although the original was quite scary, this is one instance where the sequel has potential to be just as chilling. To me, the first five minutes was the scariest part. It made me shudder (no joke) and let me tell you - not many movies have the ability to do that to me.

18.) The Changeling - This movie, based on a true story, is truly one of the most frightening things I have ever seen or heard of. How would you feel if your child was missing, only to have the police bring you back a child that you've never seen, insisting that he is yours? This was another movie that made me dislike and possibly fear the choices made by the government.

17.) Shutter Island - What can I say? Another example of Leonardo DiCaprio at his best. In the end, I was definitely satisfied with the movie. It is completely worth your time, and if you see it you will not be disappointed.

16.) The Sixth Sense - I saw this movie when I was about eight, before I became a major Haley Joel Osment fan. In this movie, he portrays Cole, a young boy who can see dead people (this being the source of the famous quote "I see dead people"). He, along with Bruce Willis, gives a phenomenal performance in this movie. There is just something about the film in general, maybe the creepy atmosphere or effects, that makes is apparent why so many people fear the unseen.

15.) Mirrors - The intensity of this movie was mainly what frightened me, along with the brilliant special effects (Sorry, I know I say that a lot lol) and acting. The concept of a mirror can be scary if you think about it - you look into it and see yourself, but who knows what really lurks on the other side?

14.) The Omen - another movie similar to the The Exorcist in which a child is possessed. Damien is adorable, but so evil. The ending left me deeply unsatisfied and confused, but the overall experience of the movie was very good.

13.) The concept of the Grudge is absolutely terrifying to me - stepping into a haunted house once, being cursed by the spirit forever, and having it hunt you down until you're dead. Along with the spooky girl crawling down the stairs making that horrible noise, thats enough to giveme goosebumps.

12.) Jaws - While not exactly known as a "scary" movie, this film made thousands of people afraid to go near water after seeing it.

11.) Dead Silence - If by any chance you have an intense fear of creepy dolls, don't see this. Those seem to be excessive in the movie. The plot is strong, and the characters are scary enough to give anyone nightmares.

10.) IT - another brilliant Stephen King movie. Tim Curry is a great fit for the role of Pennywise the Clown, the film's horrendous villain. If you have coulrophobia (an immense fear of clowns) I would not recommend this. Otherwise, it's a definite must see for scary movie fans.

9.) Another Stephen King movie making the list, this one being one of his most notable books. The almost-classic film directed by Stanley Kubrick is an example of extraordinary acting teamed up with this formidable story. A family isolated in a Colorado hotel in the dead of winter, the father/husband slowly succumbing to insanity. Trust me, although it may not be jump-out-of-your-skin-jumpy-scary, it is definitely chilling on a deeper level.

8.) Final Destination - So much to say about this movie. The plotline in itself is something very original, very creepy.

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