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    Charlie Rangel (D-NY) Steps Down from House Ways and Means Committee

  2. 1779 Thumbnail

    Gibbs Jokes About Obama's Eating Habits

  3. 1780 Thumbnail

    Gov. Paterson Won't Run for Relection

  4. 1781 Thumbnail

    Xavier Becerra Spars with Paul Ryan at Health Summit

  5. 1782 Thumbnail

    McConnell Says Obama Granting Democrats More Speaking Time

  6. 1783 Thumbnail

    Obama to Boehner: People Would 'Profoundly Disagree' with Your Facts

  7. 1784 Thumbnail

    President Obama Chides Rep. Cantor for Use of Props at Health-Care Summit

  8. 1785 Thumbnail

    Obama to McCain: "The Election Is Over"

  9. 1786 Thumbnail

    Sen. Lamar Alexander Speaks at Health-Care Summit

  10. 1787 Thumbnail

    Women Pray in Men's Only Section of Washington, D.C. Mosque

  11. 1788 Thumbnail

    Toyota CEO Apologizes at House Hearing

  12. 1789 Thumbnail

    Gibbs: Public Option Doesn't Have the Votes

  13. 1790 Thumbnail

    Coulter Mocks Ted Kennedy, Anderson Cooper at CPAC

  14. 1791 Thumbnail

    Obama: I Love Vegas!

  15. 1792 Thumbnail

    Rep. King: Liberals are the 'Enemy'

  16. 1793 Thumbnail

    Tiger Woods Hugs Mom

  17. 1794 Thumbnail

    Tiger Woods: 'I Am Deeply Sorry'

  18. 1795 Thumbnail

    Tiger Woods: Buddhism Will Guide Me

  19. 1796 Thumbnail

    Romney: Obama Going Downhill Faster than Lindsey Vonn

  20. 1797 Thumbnail

    Dalai Lama Chucks Snow at White House Reporters

  21. Thumbnail

    Cheney Makes CPAC Appearance

  22. 1799 Thumbnail

    Evan Bayh: 'I Do Not Love Congress'

  23. 1800 Thumbnail

    Durbin: People in DC think Snow is 'Mortal Enemy'

  24. 1801 Thumbnail

    Obama 'Ready to Start from Scratch' on Health-Care

  25. 1802 Thumbnail

    John Avlon Interviews Sarah Palin Supporters at the National Tea Party Convention

  26. 1803 Thumbnail

    John Avlon Interviews William Temple at the National Tea Party Convention

  27. 1804 Thumbnail

    Obama to Democrats: Finish the Job

  28. 1805 Thumbnail

    Adm. Mullen Blasts Don't Ask Don't Tell

  29. 1806 Thumbnail

    John Edwards, You Lie!

  30. 1807 Thumbnail

    SOTU: Obama Calls for New Jobs Bill

  31. 1808 Thumbnail

    Obama: I Will Not Accept Second Place for the United States

  32. 1809 Thumbnail

    SOTU: Obama Calls for End to Don't Ask, Don't Tell

  33. 1810 Thumbnail

    Obama Says "Let Me Know" if You Have a Better Heath-Care Plan

  34. 1811 Thumbnail

    SOTU: Justice Alito Shakes Head at Obama

  35. 1812 Thumbnail

    SOTU: Obama Blames Bush, McCain Not Happy

  36. 1813 Thumbnail

    Obama Says "She Gets Embarrassed" of Michelle at State of the Union Address

  37. 1814 Thumbnail

    Obama: Bank Bailout Like Root Canal

  38. 1815 Thumbnail

    Obama: D.C. Can Drive You Crazy

  39. 1816 Thumbnail

    Obama Heckled at Coakley Rally

  40. 1817 Thumbnail

    Gibbs: Robertson's Haiti Remark 'Utterly Stupid'

  41. 1818 Thumbnail

    Obama to Haiti: You Will Not Be Forsaken

  42. 1819 Thumbnail

    Gibbs: State of Union Won't Conflict with 'Lost' Premiere

  43. 1820 Thumbnail

    Obama on Security Failure: 'The Buck Stops With Me'

  44. 1821 Thumbnail

    Chris Dodd Says Farewell

  45. 1822 Thumbnail

    Best of Willard Scott 2009

  46. 1823 Thumbnail

    Obama Condemns Iran

  47. 1824 Thumbnail

    The Year in Anchor Bloopers, 2009

  48. 1825 Thumbnail

    Emotional Chris Dodd Health Care Speech

  49. 1826 Thumbnail

    Kids Demand Expensive Gifts for Christmas at Obama Event

  50. 1827 Thumbnail

    Senate Smackdown: Franken Cuts Off Lieberman

  51. 1828 Thumbnail

    Gibbs Fires Back at Howard Dean

  52. 1829 Thumbnail

    Obama Fires Back at Health-Care Reform Critics

  53. 1830 Thumbnail

    Obama: Retrofitting Is Sexy

  54. 1831 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford Names Lapo Elkann The Chicest Man in the World

  55. 1832 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford Tells Tina Brown Why He Left Gucci

  56. 1833 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford Talks to Tina Brown About His Infamous "G" Gucci Ad

  57. 1834 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford on Ralph Lauren, How Yves Saint Laurent Was "Evil"

  58. 1835 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford Tells Tina Brown About His Midlife Crisis

  59. 1836 Thumbnail

    Tom Ford Tells Tina Brown Why He Made 'A Single Man'

  60. 1837 Thumbnail

    Reid Compares Opponents of Reform to Those of Emancipation, Women's Suffrage

  61. 1838 Thumbnail

    Obama on Legalizing Pot, Prostitution to 'Stimulate' Economy

  62. 1839 Thumbnail

    Obama: Afghanistan is Not Another Vietnam

  63. 1840 Thumbnail

    Obama: Timeframe to End Afghanistan War is Necessary

  64. 1841 Thumbnail

    Obama on Afghanistan: The Status Quo is Not Sustainable

  65. 1842 Thumbnail

    Gibbs Defends Secret Service in Party Crasher Case

  66. 1843 Thumbnail

    Barack Obama Pardons Turkey

  67. 1844 Thumbnail

    Robert Gibbs Repsonds to The Daily Beast's Leslie Gelb Article on Obama's Trip to Asia

  68. 1845 Thumbnail

    Sen. Whitehouse Cites 'Harry Potter' in Health Reform Debate

  69. 1846 Thumbnail

    Palin Media Blitz in Under Two Minutes

  70. 1847 Thumbnail

    Obama: I Don't Use Twitter

  71. 1848 Thumbnail

    Obama's Promise to Troops

  72. 1849 Thumbnail

    Obama on 'Twisted Logic' of Fort Hood Killer

  73. 1850 Thumbnail

    John Hodgman on Mixing Drinks and Being the PC Guy

  74. 1851 Thumbnail

    John Hodgman on Mocking President Obama

  75. 1852 Thumbnail

    Bibi Heckled at Jewish Conference

  76. 1853 Thumbnail

    Rep. Shadegg Uses Baby as Prop

  77. 1854 Thumbnail

    Obama: Don't Jump to Conclusions on Ft. Hood Shooting

  78. 1855 Thumbnail

    Voight: Obama Programmed By Rev. Wright to 'Damn America'?

  79. 1856 Thumbnail

    Obama Talks Up Reform Endorsements

  80. 1857 Thumbnail

    Obama Congratulates Karzai

  81. 1858 Thumbnail

    Gibbs Defends DNC Donor Perks

  82. 1859 Thumbnail

    Kerry: Cheney is Wrong on Afghanistan

  83. 1860 Thumbnail

    Obama: We Must Win Clean-Energy Race

  84. 1861 Thumbnail

    Gibbs Lashes Back at Cheney

  85. 1862 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth Opens Up About 'Portnoy's Complaint'

  86. 1863 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth: I Can't Wait Till I'm 80

  87. 1864 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth: The Novel is a Dying Animal

  88. 1865 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth Discusses Barack Obama

  89. 1866 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth on Writing About Sex

  90. 1867 Thumbnail

    Philip Roth Talks with Tina Brown About 'The Humbling'

  91. 1868 Thumbnail

    Balloon Boy Saga A Hoax

  92. 1869 Thumbnail

    Obama Defends Jindal from Boos at Town Hall

  93. 1870 Thumbnail

    Obama Dances at Fiesta Latina

  94. 1871 Thumbnail

    Obama Praises Snowe's 'Political Courage'

  95. 1872 Thumbnail

    Lady Gaga Screams at 'Obama, I Know You are Listening!' at Gay Rights March

  96. 1873 Thumbnail

    Jonathan Ames, Creator of HBO's 'Bored to Death,' Part One

  97. 1874 Thumbnail

    Jonathan Ames, Creator of HBO's 'Bored to Death,' Part Two

  98. 1875 Thumbnail

    President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  99. 1876 Thumbnail

    Pelosi to NRCC: 'I'm In My Place'