Gary Kasparov complains in Johannesburg simultaneous exhibition





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Published on Nov 14, 2011

This simultaneous exhibition was held in the Sci-bono centre, Johannesburg on 13th Nov. 2011. At this time, Gary Kasparov had won 26 games and drawn 1 and was at the verge of loosing one. It suddenly dawned on him that the game in question and the one he had drawn was being assisted by a 2200 player. The player in question later confirmed to me that he apologized to Gary at the end of the exhibition.

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If kasparov had known, he would have played longer turns with him during the simul. Actually has a right to be a little upset here.
Jeff K
Yeah, he keeps saying "which is fine" but just needs to know who to worry about, in terms of certain strategies and time spent per move. Kasparov can take on some 2200 players, no problem, as long as he knows.
I agree. It's not easy to play simul and it gets eventually exhausting. In effect player giving simul plays with much lesser strength than in a regular match. This gives those 2200+ much higher chances to draw or even win.
Evan Samson
Kasparov is in the right here for anyone who knows a damn thing about chess.
I agree with Garry. He must have applied a hyper aggressive romantic opening that sacrificed a piece or two pawns that should confuse a 1600 player but is a loosing position against strong defense handled by a master. The point is that i'm sure Gary wouldn't mind a simul even against 2300 or stronger opponents as long as he know the strengths in advance so he can play accordingly to their strengths. I have another example about knowing your opponents strength can change your decision about the game. I once had a loosing position in a tournament and my best move was to go for the draw by perpetual check. But knowing my opponent is a weak player, I decided to play the inferior move and won the game
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Allen Albright
+Up Whats You're an idiot...anyone who does a little research will see what I said is fact.
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Rique Illingroth
The moral of the story is: be clear and honest in giving your rating, prior to beginning the match.
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Rick Resendiz
Fabian Ramos you DO have to say. Kasparov is right. He was lied to.
Fabian Ramos
The moral of the story is do what every the whining child like man says because he going to throw a hissey fit.
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Guys, it's a rare privilege to play Kasparov and to have him at your event. If organizers and players don't follow the rules and play it fair soon Garry won't play anymore simuls.
Navid Behroozi
he has a point if the guy has all the time to look at moves and anticipate strategies. kasparov is sort of walking around playing other games too... he takes a bit far though, complaining a lot and making a scene doesn't help your image. chill out, shake the dudes hand and move on
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Fabian Ramos
Kasparov has a history of disrespecting player. say the guy has no decency. Say a lot about his own Character.
Fabian Ramos
Hold up. do we have all the fact. Don't you think you should know all the facts before you call someone a chaeter?? Do you?
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It ALL comes down to his ridicalous terms, almost every time he plays simul, he demands players less than 2000 elo on every board, because hes ego cannot tolerate not winning 25-0......just let everyone play Gary. Only point hes right about here, is he should know......but jesus christ what an EGO
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kek 1tap ok
kek 1tap
+429kostas insane arguments. All your intelligence previewed right there
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The simul is for the benefit of the players and chess in general, not the GM giving the simul.  I can understand he may have been upset if they tried to sneak some masters in there without telling him, but he could've taken this up privately afterwards instead of whining on camera.   Compare this with the story of Wesley So who, during a simul, took back moves in the opening so his opponent could play his pet line against the GM.  So understood why he was there; For the enjoyment of the participants, not himself.
Vega Max
No no! If Gary knew that this player was 2200 Gary would have played differently to win!
Fabian Ramos
Kasparov is being a Honorable person by telling someone they have no decency. Very shameful!
Rique Illingroth
The World Champion has the last word...by default. I rest my case.
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