Minecraft: Super High Efficiency Mob Farm (lc = 15)





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Published on Dec 16, 2012

After learning about how lc levels work from JL2579 and some other youtubers, as well as my own extensive experimentation, I finally came up with this design. Each of those cells have about 130 spawning spaces (signs say 160, but I forgot to account for half-slabs), 32 pistons, and some redstone. I made it so not all the pistons go off at the same time to try and reduce lag. The design is the sieving design I've seen on some mob traps. The mobs get pushed by water into one of 2 lava blades on either side of the trap, and the items are transported away.

I had to fit all of that within about 10 blocks height, since I'm taking into account bedrock level. If this is done in superflat or a custom map with little or no bedrock, or you're willing to use the block deleting glitch on hundreds of bedrock blocks, then you'll have more breathing room, and might be able to add another spawning level to the trap.

The ceiling at the top is 2 blocks thick, with snow as the bottom layer, and water above, to prevent lighting glitches (I frustrated a ton because of that when I first was experimenting with this). No other blocks are above the ceiling, which keeps the lc value at 15, and thus a shit ton of mobs spawn, hence why this design is so fast.

I imagine you could make 3, maybe even 4 spawning cells, for about 500 spawning spaces. Anything past that would probably not improve mob spawning significantly, due to the mob cap. It'd also probably lag your game a lot.

Far less pistons than typical piston-pusher designs (pressure plates + sticky pistons, tripwire and pistons, etc.), and yields about the same amount of drops as one of those piston pusher designs with maybe 1000 spawning spaces.

Arguably more compact

You have to clear out basically a whole chunk of blocks in order for this to work for a single cell, multiple chunks if you have more than one cell.

Might be hard to build, due to lack of airspace to work in.

Quite laggy, use with caution on servers.

Quite strongly affected by unlit areas around the farm. Initially it'll spawn fairly normally, but once mobs build up outside the farm, spawn rates go way down, as seen with the chest. I set up about 88 blocks between the two cells where mobs can spawn and simply free-roam, to simulate unlit caves. I also placed blocks at about ground level above that specific area to set the lc to around 70 (spawning cells still 15).

I say arguably more compact, because although the farm itself is very small, you need to keep a whole chunk clear of any blocks, even light levels above 0 reaching into the chunk.

USES: Good as a long term project, since the hardest part is simply digging blocks. You don't need to find a ton of iron for pistons, you just have to dig a ton of blocks out, which can be done with any tool (though I recommend using a good lvl 30 enchanted diamond pick, and repairing it frequently with an anvil). You could also set up a temporary mob farm to get gunpowder, then blow a big hole in the ground. In the end, you get a ton of cobblestone that you could use for other projects, along with a high-efficiency mob farm.

It might be a good idea to build this farm from bottom to top (starting with the ice and water at the bottom), especially since the bottom layer has only a 1 block gap, where the items from the opposite side travel along, so it's hard to move around in there.

If a tutorial is requested, then I'm willing to go for it, maybe even recording my voice. However, if you intend on building this farm, chances are you're not a noob at minecraft, and know a thing or two about it. I don't think this design is too hard to figure out.

I recommend watching this video by JL2579:

This video strongly inspired me to experiment with lc levels and mob farms in general. Also check out his channel, he puts out some brilliant things.

Background song: Lily - December 9th (Vocaloid)


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