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Published on Mar 23, 2011

Ranked #1 On Pokemon Online UU Tier (Underused)
Before I go in-depth, I would just like to say that the slides on the video go fast, so if you can't read blazing fast, PAUSE the video!!!! (Sorry about that)

The UnderUsed Tier: This is a Tier for pokemon that are Average. They aren't super good, but they aren't bad either. This is why I am not using Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Suicune, etc.

Offensive-Balance: What does that mean? There are two main categories of teams, Offensive and Stall. Offensive means you have more frail strong Pokemon, rather than lots of defensive Pokemon who induce status and do all that annoying stuff. Offensive-Balance means that although most of my Pokemon are frail, I have a strong enough Defensive Core (Blastoise + Venusaur) to take resisted Hits.

Now Lets Go In Depth to Each Individual Pokemon!

Lead: Scyther
Scyther is used for a good reason: STAB U-Turn Hurts! It is used mostly as a late game attacker, and it can perform sweeps after you see the opponents team. Scyther 3HKOs every pokemon that doesnt resists his Attacks. It has Relatively good bulk (Base 80's def/sdef) and his typing allows him to Fully Resist Ground, and Quad Resist Grass + Fighting. Scyther is a very uncommon lead, but it is efficient.

In addition, choice scarf on an already fast pokemon surprises people. That means Bye-Bye alakazam and ambipoms and all those annoying pokemon. Jolly Nature is there to Outspeed Ludicolo in Rain as well as Outspeed Jolly Torterra after Rock Polish.

The Powerhouse: Magmortar
So you may be asking, 2 SCARFERS??? Well yes, no one expects two scarfers. Its unorthodox, but it works. With little prediction, Magmortar can tear through teams. STAB Fireblast is a Safe 2HKO on pretty much 80% of the UU Metagame (Even 2HKOs Uxie after Rocks). HP Ice for Altaria, and Torterra. Thunderbolt for Milotic Switch Ins, and Focus Blast for more coverage. Magmortar counters the most common threats in UU: Venusaur, Milotic, Mismagius, Registeel. What more could you want?

Offensive Supporter: Venusaur
Milotic is an annoying Pokemon, the most efficent counter to it is Venusaur. It can sleep powder any switch in, and Sludge Bomb + Leafstorm can do heavy damage (except to those damn registeels). Leafstorm + Sludge Bomb is a 2HKO against Milotic. Synthesis is to heal up damage and wall fighting type and other pokemon. SludgeBomb OHKOs Leafeon and Tangrowth. With 56 Speed EVs, Venusaur outspeeds most Milotic and Venusaur Sets (Except for SD Venusaur and LO Milotic)

Blastoise: I reliable Spinner. Phaze to Scout more of the Team. Toxic to cripple opposing walls. Surf against rhyperior or donphans. A solid defensive pokemon. Speed EVs are to Outspeed Jolly 252Speed Rhyperior.

Dugtrio:Traps a lot of pokemon. Chansey, Lanturn, Registeel, Aggron, Arcanine. He is my main arcanine counter after Blastoise is dead. It can take an Extremespeed as long as the Arcanine is not banded. Dugtrio can take out lots of Walls like Registeel and Chansey and without those pokemon, the opponent is left vulnerable to my offensive team.

Absol: one SD and it wrecks. two SD and its game. Focus Sash allows me to get at least one SD up without dying. Focus Sash allows me to counter pokemon that try to Sub predicting a Sucker punch as I can take any hit with Focus Sash. Sleep Powder helps Absol with more successful sweeps. It just wrecks :D

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