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Left Handed Scholarships - $10,000 Potential College Money





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Streamed live on Feb 27, 2015

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If you are looking for left handed scholarships there are not a lot of options that you can go to. This is why we have listed a company that regularly gives away $10,000 per month.

What are Left handed scholarships?

Just as the name implies, left handed scholarships are for people who are essentially left handed. In case your school funding gets exhausted too quickly, this type of scholarship will cheer you up; but only if you are left handed. Today, the cost of achieving academic excellence is rather steep and the government awards available for scholarship are limited; as such, for the left handed student, this is a reason to cheer up. A large number of private bodies and organizations are willing to provide left handed award; all you need to do is find out if you meet their requirements and you are well on the way to getting funding your studies.

Why left handed scholarships?

Left handed people are a minority in America. In fact, only 10% of the American population is left handed. As such, there is the view the left handed population does not compete fairly with the rest of the population on issues such as government awards and scholarships for education. One may argue that there are those who have been left handed and have managed to do great things with their lives, regardless. They include; Ronald Reagan, Albert Einstein and Bill Clinton; however, this does not change the fact that they were still minorities for being left handed. To back the minority argument, there have been other types of scholarships offered by private bodies that may fall under the minority segment. They include; Hispanic Scholarship, Wacky scholarship, Weird scholarship, the Minority scholarship among others.

How much is offered for left handed scholarships?

One might argue that this is a rather meager amount. However, at least it would help the minority left handed student to pay settle a number of academic bills. Apart from the financial grant, there are additional benefits for left handed students. There are facilities that are designed specifically for left handed individuals. For instance, there are computers that come with left handed mouse and keyboard designs as well as other learning amenities.

How do you qualify for left handed scholarships?

Naturally, the first condition is that you are left handed. However, this does not automatically mean that you will get the scholarship. You also need to meet a few other stringent conditions. The reason why the scholarship board makes these conditions stringent is because there are a large number of students who apply for the scholarship each year.

These are some of the conditions you need to meet so as to qualify for a left handed grant.

· *You should be left handed: This is the first and most integral condition required in order to qualify.

· *You need to be academically sound: You do not just get the award just for being a minority. It is imperative to show the scholarship board that you have earned this scholarship through your past grades. Each scholarship board is free to come up with their own requirements insofar as academic progress is concerned.

· *Academic background: Ensure that your academic background is consistent. Only students with consistently good performance in the past are shortlisted. Essentially, you need to show the scholarship board that you are not just academically sound presently, but have been throughout your schooling. Additionally, you will be tested on your leadership skills; therefore, before you fill out that left handed scholarships form, ensure that you have polished your leadership skills.

· *References: Ensure that you have some references that will prove that you are indeed left handed. Some left handed scholarships boards have this condition or requisite; but not all scholarship boards for this type of grant ask for references. Those that are strict on checking if you are left handed required that you take a test to prove it.

Once you have fulfilled these conditions, you are assured that you will be among those shortlisted for the left handed financial grant. You may be left handed and meet the above conditions but get turned down. That does not have to dash your hopes for getting the grant; all you need to do is look for another private body offering the grant and apply for the scholarship again.

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