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Published on Feb 16, 2017

Enjoy this completely non-serious bonus song by: STS - Stable-dwellers Talkin' Shit

In the fall of 2015, when the N.W.A movie was in the news. We were doing our usual bullshitting in a Stable-Tec chatroom, when a particular group of people, mainly S. Davies & IronClad began actually writing a parody of the titular song.

When SkyBolt got home that Friday, he had lots of time and was in a good mood. So he took the lyrics they wrote and actually made the song... taking the joke way further than it should have ever been taken.

He only polished it to the point that it was funny. Please enjoy the SB-Sides.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4rzppab...


LILPIP – Calamity as Backup:

Straight out da Stables,
crazy motherbucker named Lil pip
From the gang of stable 2 bouta loose my grip
When I'm called off, I got my sawn off
Squeeze the trigger, watch the Raiders get hauled off
You too, cunt, if ya fuckn with me
Security gonna hafta come and get me
Off yo flank, that's how I'm goin out
For the foal motherfuckers that's showin out
Ziggas start to mumble, they wanna rumble
Never gonna fall never gonna stumble
Goin off on a marefucker like that
With a 44 that's pointed at yo ass
So give it up ghoul
Ain't no tellin when I'm down for a buck move
Here's a murder rap to keep yo dancin
Red eyes armies steadily advancing
Zebra rifle is the tool
Don't make me act the motherbuckin fool
Me you can go hoof to hoof, no maybe
Party time mentals got me going crazy
yo weekly, monthly, yearly
until dese dumb motherfuckers see clearly
that the sun n' moon don't need no TLC
Bitch you can't fuck with me.
So when I'm in yo neighborhood, you better duck
Coz Lil Pip is crazy as fuck
Best believe I leave em run'n
but when I come back, bitch, I'm comin straight outta Stables

CALAMITY – LilPip as Backup:

Straight outta Cloudsdale, another crazy ass stalion
I'm a gun for hire yo they want me in talon
I'm a bad motherbucker and you know this
All you pussy ass slavers can blow this
But I don't give a fuck, I'ma make my caps
If not on the slavers then on raiders cause I'm strapped
As I’m huntin’ and 'trackin'
Spit fires thunder yeah foal im 'packin'
Break from the action just a minute.
Start a problem wit my posy, I'm gonna end it.
I'm at my mares show sit'n front row.
Velvet on the mic she's a one pony show.
Only had one option so we choose you
Dead eyes took the bait just like he was supposed to.
Then the crazy ass dragon breath'n fire and shit.
Force fed it grenades took care of it quick.
DeadShot, semi-automatic.
For any Enclave scum that be cause'n static.
I'm not the right hoof cause I'm the hoof it's self.
Every time I pull the trigger colt death is dealt.
Dashited by my home, buck, they took it all.
Calamity is da name for y-all
See, coz I'm the motherbuckin villain
The definition is clear, you're the witness of a killin
that's takin place without a clue
And once you're on my scope, your flank is through
Look, you might take it as a tip
but a killa like me is on a gangsta trip
Straight outta Cloudsdale...

STEELHOOVES – Calamity and LilPip as Backup:

...straight outta Canterlot
is an Alicorn Hunter that'll smother yo' mother
and make yo sister grab the rubbers
Dangerous motherbucker raises hell
Can’t get caught that implies I fail
See, I don't give a fuck, that's the problem
I see a motherbuckin alicorn I don't dodge it
But I'm smart, I stay low, creep a while
And when I see my chance, I smile
To me it's kinda funny, the world we live in is jarrin
but that don’t stop me Imma keep steamrollin
lookin for the one they call death
But here's a flash, they never seize me
Never seen like a shadow in the dark
except when I unload, see there’s no hesitation
I hear the screams and till then stop, gratification
Give a little ammo and I’m jettin
But leave a memory no one'll be forgettin
So what about the bitch who got shot? Fuck her!
I only give a damn about the ghost of my lover…
This is the current story of me, yours truly, and if you ever fuck with me
You'll get taken down by a Steel Ranger brotha
word to the motherbucker, straight outta Canterlot


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