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Published on Mar 26, 2012


Bring back the earth, the sun, the wind and........... the FIRE!!!

Imagine growing up with the goal to win a tournament like the hunger games. You train to survive. You train in weapons. You train to hunt. You train to fight. You train to kill.

As teenagers we need to get outside and learn how to be human again and our parents need to let us be human again.

Too many teenagers are fat, pale and wimpy. They need a reason to change. Let the Hunger Games make them human again.

These teenagers are getting ready. When they turn 18 they will be prepared to fight, hunt and survive.

Let's take back our lives. It's already starting to happen. Look at these news videos here.

Apply now and let's get this tournament started! http://www.reallifehungergames.com/in...

The goal of Real Life Tournament is to put together an annual competition to include one 18 year old boy and one 18 year old girl from each of the predetermined 12 districts for a total of 24 competitors.

The tournament is a series of events in which the participants (tributes) must fight, test survival skills and hunt in an outdoor arena, until only one district is left standing.

The arena for Real Life begins with a large flat area with hard packed dirt that has a Cornucopia in the center of it. The 24 tributes are set up in a ring around the cornucopia which inside provides food, beverage, beds, camp supplies. The arena will contain forests, streams, meadows, pools, a wheat field, caves, and a lake. The arena will be enormous.

The events will be as follows
(Districts will have to win the tournament as a team):

Start: Bloodbath (starts with 24 tributes)
Location: Cornucopia

The bloodbath is what starts the excitement in the Games. Here 4 teams will be eliminated.
There will be 8 backpacks filled with water, food, hunting, camp supplies and 2 cameras for kill photos. Each backpack will be located inside a large ring marked on the ground. The goal is for each district to grab a back pack. If you enter a ring you must fight the other team that enters the ring before you can leave with the backpack. Standard Jiu Jistsu tournament rules apply. If you tap out you are eliminated and must leave the ring.

The Range (starts with 16 tributes)
Location: Cornucopia

The range consists of three courses to include archery, knife throwing and axe throwing. Once you have hit your targets your team grabs the backpack and move into the woods to start the next phase.

The hunt
Location: Arena

You must hunt or fish for 20 lbs of meat. Once your team has 20 lbs collected you can start to hunt the other teams.

The Kill (Various amounts of tributes)
Location: Arena

Take a photo of any tribute and send it in. Their team will be called in for a saber match by the cornucopia. Fencing saber rules apply. The Saber is a light cutting and thrusting weapon that targets the entire body above the waist, excluding the hands. The hand guard on the saber extends from pommel to the base of where the blade connects to the hilt. Hits with the edges of the blade or the point are valid. Winning team stays in, receives a feast and medical treatment and can spend up to 6 hours in the safety of the cornucopia. Losing team is eliminated. Once there are only 8 Tributes left next round begins.

The Feast
Location: Cornucopia

At all times during The Kill there will be a ring located by the cornucopia. If a tribute or district enters the ring they will receive medical care and water. If another tribute or team enters the ring while someone else is already inside, they will sword fight under Saber rules. Whoever wins the match receives a feast and medical treatment and can spend up to 6 hours in the safety of the cornucopia. Whoever loses is eliminated.

Semi Finals:
Location: Cornucopia

Two Rings are set up and the 8 remaining contestants fight under Pancreas rules (no closed fist head strikes, elbows or kicks to the head) The winners move on to the Semi Finals

Final Fight:
Location: Cornucopia

The 4 remaining contestants fight under MMA Rules. The ring is placed around the whole
Cornucopia. Winner is the Real Life Tournament Champion.


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