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Published on May 10, 2010

http://meetthemormons.com Watch this great film!

http://www.mormon.org The Song is called: Praan, by Garry Schyman

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Laura Creek
I don't cry that much, but this vid gets me every time.
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Jacob Dueholm
Same here!
+Laura Creek me too and I'm an emotionless bastard
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try no cry! try no cry!  fuck...
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Hans Dampf
I know what you mean my friend ;)
Jonas Lund
+Hans Dampf men does cry, everyone does that. u got a problem if u think the things u do makes u a man. like crying, i like crying to something nice, it reminds me that im a good person. well, i don't think u ment it like that but...  got to say it. not trying to be an asshole, so stay friendly :) and enjoy the video :)
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1:30 gets me all the time
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Michał Grabowski
i cried like a baby at 1:39 " hi daddy, i missed you daddy" fking onions:)
Lierynn North
I know right
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Lina Lama
My emotions are like a Stone but i cried at this Video 
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Walter Smeg
Lina Lama right I'm a tough hairy ass Scotsman,who is peeling BIG onions in here..stop it!!
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Beth B
i salute those families who didnt have someone come home
Yannick Oliveres
these fucking onions man
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Its Emmanuella
Wudruff Wildcard tsygyfdd😃
Wudruff Wildcard
Normally i'm totally immune to onions, but these onions are a special kind. Damn them.
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Stupid onion slicing ninjas! Every friken' time I watch this video... ><
Why can't wars just stop... Imagine the families that have lost someone because of War... It's not a thing that should exist.
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Because evil will always exist.
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Marcos Mendez
The sad thing is.. Many don't even come home again. They will never return..
The sad ting is that this was has claimed over a million iraqi civilians and set the country back 100 years. The sad thing is invading a country on the false intenses of that country is threatening america when in fact it wasn't and even when evidence are presented that the ones that were pushing for war were lieing the president can simply just shrug his shoulder and say, hmm "yeah ok but atleast we fried the people of a horrible dictator and brought these poor folks democracy. Yeah that was worth the deathpool that supersedes the deathpool of the iraq/iran war (also founded by the US, where they sold weapons to both parts!), kuwait war (where the us both encouraged the kuwaitis to become independent from iraq and iraq to reclaim it!) the iraqi civil war that occurred after the kuwait war where the civilian freedom fighter were 1 city away from achieving total victory, namely baghdad (the capital), when the US interfered and crushed the rebellion, in the one hand you want him removed, you go to war against him and in the second you support him? you crush the civilians, the very people you know claim want to help? where was this in 91??, the US helped saddam to crush the uprising but kept an no fly zone over the kurds whilst leaving the majority of the iraqis, namely the shiats to their faith, for slaughter, 150 000 iraqi went "missing" then, and yet this was has caused more civilian casualties then all of those wars put together.  The sad things is these soldier are dieing so that company like haleburton making billions and the people are none the wiser worrying more about their right of carrying a machine gun... 
Mariah Mayerle
 No matter what, the result of these videos ends in tears somehow. Either tears of sadness for the soldiers that don't come home or joy for those that do. War and destruction bring tears to people, no matter the outcome.. It's just the result
Alex CT
1839 people are pure evil...
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When terrorist soldiers come home from war and embrace their own children and family i would react the same way the military comes back home, even though the two has their own reasons for fighting the war. Everyone is human.
Alex CT
I would see a family crying and gripping their loved ones after a prolonged conflict as beautiful on either side. Although I'm not going to lie and pretend I'm not partial to the American ones.
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