Rich Girl...The Final Chance♥ Season 3 Epi.5 A Justin Bieber Love Story





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Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011

[Later that afternoon]

Katie's Pov - "So.. Summer's coming too?" Raven asked. I nodded. "Yeah. And Ryan too." Kelly raised her eyebrow. "Summer's mom agreed to pay for all of that traveling?" She asked. "I.. promised to pay for everything." I stated. Kelly smiled. "Aw.. There's a good rich friend." She giggled. "Haha. Very funny." I laughed. "It'll be fun Katie.. A great experience." Kelly nodded. "I hope." I sighed. "Where is Summer?" Raven asked. "At home. Packing. We leave tomorrow afternoon." I stated. "I'll miss you." Raven smiled. "Me too Rae.." I smiled back. "I gotta admit, this year's summer was pretty wild." Kelly nodded. "When I first arrived, the awkwardness.." I stated. "The crazy camping trip. Damien wanting to kill everybody.." Raven nodded. "The hotel.. Shay sabotaging you and Justin's relationship.. and partly Summer." Kelly nodded. "And that good part in the hotel when Justin gave me the promise ring." I nodded. "Yep. This Summer was...WILD." I laughed. Kelly sighed. "And now you're leaving again." She shrugged. "And we only knowing each other for some months." Raven pointed out. "Yeah but our friendship grew pretty good too." I smiled. "I still can't believe you and Sophie were friends though.." Kelly shook her head. "I know right!" Raven exclaimed. "We just were.." I shrugged. "I mean.. How was I to know that she was a man-stealing whore." I giggled. Kelly and Raven started laughing. "I will be missing you so much Katie." Raven stated. "Me too Rae. And you're mom yelling stuff in Slovakian language in the morning." I laughed. She hugged me from the side. "My fun in Slovakia can't even comparing to the fun I have with you." She smiled. "Aww.." Kelly hugged me from the other side. .... "Wait." I stated. "You guys DO know i'm only going for a month right?? So..i'll be back?" stated... We all then burst into hysterical laughter. "Omg.. you are so RETARDED!" I laughed. "Why were we being all mushy though??" Kelly asked.
Summer came out on the rooftop with us. "Hey females. What's poppin?" She asked. "Summer you missed it." Raven giggled. "We were teasing Kelly about liking Dean." I laughed. "Dean? Dean Dean? As in hottie Dean who throws that AWESOME party every year! And two years ago we ditched Chrissy to go crash the party??? Dean as in 'Dawn LaBell but everybody calls me Dean' Dean??? Dean as in RICH dean with the--" .. "YES that Dean!!!" Kelly and I exclaimed together. "Haha!" Raven laughed. "Yes Summer, that Dean .And.. when we ditched Chrissy.. that was two years ago??" I asked. "Yep. It was.. Well.. it's almost two years. Cause that happened when we were fifteen. And we're almost seventeen. So it's almost been two years. And besides.. you left for like, a whole year and seven months!" She exclaimed. "Wow." Kelly nodded. "That's a pretty long time." She stated. "I guess.." I shrugged. "I mean.. after all that time.. and you came back and you STILL had feelings for Justin?" She asked. "Well...only when I saw him again." I blushed. "Aw!!" Raven exclaimed. "Alright can we NOT speak about this??" I giggled. "Summer.. are you done packing?" I asked. "Yes. I packed three suitcases if that's alright." She nodded. "Yeah that's pretty good." I agreed. "So you.. excited?" Raven asked. I sighed. Going to see Justin's baby. The one he created with Shay. "Yeah. Pretty excited." I fake smiled.

Justin's Pov - I was at Shay's house with my mom talking to her mom. Shay asked me to come up to her room with her to help her pack. I was very much suspicious of her actions, recalling what happened with Sophie. I promised myself to never let that happen again. But my eyes were keen. Even though she apologized to us at the hotel, I refuse to trust her too quickly. "Here." She handed me some clothes to put in her suitcase. "Why are you packing so late?" I asked. She giggled and shrugged. "I'm lazy. But this is the last bag though, so don't worry." She smiled. I noticed a few pictures of the baby. "What did you say his name was again?" I asked. "Who? OUR baby?" She asked.. with emphasis on 'our'. "Um... yeah." I stated awkwardly. "Jay. Like.. Shay.. and Justin." She smiled. "Oh.." I stated feeling even more awkward. "Um.. ok then." I put the stuff in her suitcase. She sat on the bed next to me. "I know this is hard Justin. And i'm sorry for... ruining your relationship with Katie. You know I like her a lot. She's pretty cool. I don't wanna do any damage." She shrugged. "You're not.. doing damage." I stated. "I hope not." She stood back up. "So um.. Jay. What's he like?" I asked. "Well.. he's just like his daddy." She giggled. "He's a cutie. He's really smart for his age. And.. I love him with.. ALL my heart." She said softly.



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