"My Kid Saw Two Gay Guys Kissing! HE'S BEEN CORRUPTED!" and Other Homophobic Stupidity





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Published on Jan 5, 2012

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I'm getting deathly sick of these (usually) hyper-religious parents shielding their children from anything that could be considered gay or homosexual because the Bible says it's wrong and they could become corrupted. Haven't you anything more important to teach them, like, I don't know - TOLERANCE AND RESPECT?

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Mike Michaleson
I'm a Christian, but that doesn't mean I hate homosexuals. I'm all for gay marriage. I need actual reasons here why people think gays are bad.
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Mike Read
In Canada we have commercials that have homosexual couples in it, and thats just great :)
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Hombre sin Nombre
It's disgusting for me to see an heterosexual couple kissing as well. You just don't do that in public, is like eating in front of hungry people..
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I feel like priests especially, twist the bible to mean what they want it to mean rather than admitting to the bible's MANY plotholes
Cole Ehlert
I am a Christian, and while the Bible says that homosexuality is immoral, that doesn't give us the right to insult and hurt people over it.
Sir hairball
Your a fucking God what you said is amazing thank you for your support maybe someday I can marry my boyfriend in peace 
Thank goodness I'm ugly no worry of being raped here :)
The bible doesn't say that homosexuality is wrong anywhere. Being gay is perfectly fine. It prohibits gay intercourse.
Todd Lynch
WOW...the more videos of you that i watch, the more i'm liking you already. You're so honest with these issues. I used to have a brief obsession with religion, and i don't know why...but now, i couldn't be f**ked hearing about it. Sometimes i really wonder how we were created...and i f**king have a feeling that it's not a 'God created us' sort of thing...and if anybody disagrees...go somewhere else to complain, don't even think about replying to this comment...secondly, i'll say it...i'm a proud gay man...i even had a crush on this guy in high school & he turned out to be a homophobic prick, so i'm done with him. "But now, you have a girlfriend & i hope you have a happy life together"...that's what i actually found out & i was feeling pretty down for a few weeks, but i got over it eventually...& i always keep my eye out for a good-looking guy...like the other day, i saw this really hot guy who was serving this old lady in Big W...and i'm thinking 'Come on...i want him to serve me!' haha...not that i wanted the old lady to f**king hurry up, but i thought it would be pretty cool to have a guy like him serve me, you know? But unfortunately, i got served by this woman...oh well haha...but, i know one day i will find the perfect guy that looks past my Autism & accepts me the way i am...great looks, great personality & a sweet loving person...that's what i want in a guy. Thanks for your videos, mate. :)
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