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Published on Nov 4, 2007

Bill O'Reilly slips up. He invites Ellis Henican on his show, a liberals whos more articulate, more charismatic, and prepared for O'Reilly's spin. O'Reilly pulls his usual stunt: cherry pick an anti-lib set-up. But watch his smirk quickly goes very sour.

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Jajajajajajjaja, love how this asshole gets owned over and over again XD
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Math Made Fun
I loved it... 'Come on, isn't the guy entitled to vacation?' 'Sure, he took more vacation than any president in history in his first term'.
Joshua Brown
+Quaker274 from what I'm seeing, he puts out a book every year, with sometimes a year or two between releases. It's pretty below-average for a well-known author, honestly. I'm not some big O'Reilly fan, but from what I've seen of his show, he's got quite a manifest dislike of liars and cheats. That's probably one of his only real conservative traits - he seems pretty liberal on most issues. Pro gun-control, for example. And I've seen him apologize on air for being wrong on several occasions. Which is okay, ya know? To be wrong from time to time. It's human. Fox news = bad. O'Reilly on Fox News. Therefore, O'Reilly must be bad. That's the mentality. Liberals need to start acting the way their bumper stickers describe: coexist, etc. Try to see people as individuals and drop the mob mentality.
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Jeremy Smith
So no one else came here for stormy? no? Ok.
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daile alexander
Totally came here for Stormy. My husband and I have both been Sealab fans for 13+ years, and only just now did he mention to me, "Hey, do you know the guy who voices Stormy is actually a hardcore political analyst IRL?" I was like, "Wait... what?" Mind = totally blown. I genuinely can't hear him speak without picturing Stormy.
Jeremy Smith
+Richard Buchli You are too right! I used to sneak and turn the brightness on my TV down to watch Sealab.
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patrick l
@4.25 they guy isn't allowed to take a vacation? lol only if he's a republican apparently bill
Clay Norrbin
Ya, that is ALL they are talking about with Obama.
Mikey Axman
"I think Bush will benefit from this terrorist attack." That quote says it all.
It's not even that he may have benefited financially or otherwise, but Bill O'Reilly actually thought at the time (well, agreed with Dick Morris) that it would be positive for W's approval rating. That says a lot too.
Bill O' Reilly was out of his league. These people are intelligent unlike good o bill.
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Joshua Brown
+40INTENSITY O'Reilly is denounced as "conservative" by people who believe the nation's newsrooms accurately reflect the political spectrum. Bill O'Reilly is anti-death penalty and pro-gun control, believes in "global warming," and thought Elian Gonzalez should go back to Cuba-not positions generally associated with the Republican Party. Indeed, O'Reilly's only manifest conservative credential is that he strongly disapproves of hucksters and liars.
No! It just shows that Bill O'reilly is a coward and can't admit he's a republican. O'reilly is to the republican party what a FLUFFGIRL is to porn. It's not earth shattering it just shows how O'reilly defends the republican party and how he has double standards! He excuses what Dick Chaney says but he's gonna cry about what a liberal said? 
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Benjamin Hennessy
I'm Bizarro Stormy.
I'm regular Stormy
Bill is the proof on american stupidity. and they even keep putting him on tv every day. 
Bill O"Reilly? Oh! You mean the guy who believed the liar, Chris Kyle, over Jesse Ventura.  Bill is a ridiculous excuse for a truth seeker. Bill is a clown and a loser. How could he ever believe Chris Kyle's BS when NOT ONE PERSON texted, e mailed or took a picture or any freaking thing else when, supposedly, a very well known person was struck and knocked down in a bar where other people were present. Bill is NOT that dumb. He is a guy that is just spewing BS that rocks the boat a little, but not enough to risk is "IN" status.
Bill just got his ass kicked by Sealab's Stormy
Bobby Dickenbags
How sick to say that Bush is going to be politically helped by this shit. What a HORRIBLE person O''reilly was and still is. 
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