PHONY Jews & Jesuits started Wars between Christians & Islam to create Democracy=NWO Communism 3of4





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Uploaded on Sep 5, 2010

Once a Democracy is Established in a Country, then with the News Media they can Brain Wash People into Voting for their Canidate, America was once a REPUBLIC in a Republic everyone is treated Equal Rich & Poor. Lady adked Ben Franklin what have You given us Sir? Franklin Replied A Republic if You can Keep it

1526 see film= cashkelesh channel Crypto Jews Alambrados Society=Illuminated ones= Created Jesuits

1540 OATH of JESUITS its in the record of the 62nd Congress 3rd Session Infiltrate Protestant Faith to Control USE or Destroy it, to put the Pope in charge of the World, google Jesuit Oath=Notice they take Oath in front of Skull & Bones Just like YALE'S Skull & Bones, Symbols were also given to Hitlers SS on Hats & Rings.

3of Main Popes that have tried to Disolve the Jesuits were Murdered, Google Black Pope thats the Nick Name for the Head of Jesuits.

Google or YouTube=Ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera He tells that Cardinal Bea told Him Catholics Created ISLAM to Kill Jews, Kill Breakaway Christians & Control Middle East, Rivera also says a SECRET GROUP controls JESUITS, Rivera also tells how He trained Jesuits to Infiltrate, METHODIST, BAPTIST etc to Control or Destroy them.

Former Head Investigator at the Pentagon Hiram Duke Uncovered that LOYOLA University Just outside Washinton DC graduates 700-800 Jesuits each year to send out to infiltrate other Religions google or YouTube=JESUIT INFILTRATION

after trying over and over on 23 Dec 1913 with only 3 Senators present the BlackMailed (see Vatican Assassins) President Wilson signed the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, Right then we started borrowing money & Paying Interest for Nothing.

They have Sucked the Wealth out of America, they Orchestrated the GREAT DEPRESSION then purchased Peoples Homes & Lond for 4cents on the Dollar.

Only 21 states ratified the IRS law see book THE LAW that NEVER WAS, Money collected went to a TRUST Fund in Pureto Rico while it was a territory, after they got more power & needed more money to pay interest on borrowed money they Transfered SOCIAL SECURITY to General Fund.,SS was never suppose to be touched they have stole Billions may trillions from Old People

They Start WARS then Finance each side,see Peter Grace Commision Report, During Cold war they transfered Billions to Russia to Build 17 mile long Military KAMA Plant.

Have Americans & much of the World DRUGGED thru Cola's Water & Food with INDUSTRIAL WASTE its micro Aluminum, Lead, etc see www.FluorideAlert.org,

take Pure Water & 1of4 types of MAGNeSIUM see SCIENTIST yt=georgeeby

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