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Published on Jan 6, 2012

Ugh, sorry about the overuse of the Lion King- just many clips seemed to fit, and I'm still struggling to get more movies to edit.

Anyways, this is an RP, my first one in fact.

Read below for a summary.

In this land, magic is the true ruler- it controls all living things, manifests itself in endless ways, and makes us bend to its will. If you leave here, you cannot escape it- it is in all.

However, some of us have learned to live with this magic, even going as far as to control it. Whether we were born with this ability, or learned it through skill and practice, we are able to harness this force. Our skills and abilities manifest in a thousand different ways, but all come from the same source.

Two councils exist within our world- the Sun Council, and the Council Of Night. The Sun Council is focused on the positive aspects of magic and life, the preservation of freedom and will. The Council Of Night, like night and day themselves, is its opposite. It seeks to destroy freewill, oppress the weak, and use magic for personal gain.

Ever since these councils were formed, they have been at war, fighting to rule the land. However, these wars have been underground for the most part, little skirmishes on the fringes. Now, however, two knew commanders on either have risen to take control of the Councils, and now seek to end this struggle once and for all- Phoebus, a weredog and former knight for the Sun Council- and Scar, a necromancer and mage for the Council of Night. They are bringing the war above ground, tired of the pointless fights, and seeking to end the war once and for all. They have made their challenges, and called forth warriors for their causes- all that remains is the battles, to decide the fate of this land once and for all.

So, basically, plot is thus: Two councils of magic have been fighting each other for centuries, but with Phoebus and Scar taking control of them, the war has been kicked into high gear.

Now, about the roleplay
1. You can play as any Non/Disney character- any person, animal, etc. Animals are all self aware, and are considered equal to humans. They only ones not available are Scar, Phoebus, and Steele (as Phoebus's dog form).
2. You can have any sort of power- shape shifting, elemental control, spell casting, whatever. The only exceptions are necromancy, mind control, healing and creating shields, and those depend on which Council you join- I'll go into detail below.
3. You can join either the Sun Council or the Council of Night- that also determines if you're a hero or a villain. Also, each of the Councils have two powers that are exclusive to their members- Necromancy (the forceful conjuring and enslavement of the dead), and mind control for the Council of Night, and healing and shielding for the Sun Council. I will not accept a character that has one of these powers, but is in the opposing Council. (Note; If you have a character within the Sun Council, but still wish to have a power that involves the dead, you can have the ability to summon spirits- however, you cannot control them, or take away their will as a necromancer can.)
4. This will be both a video-based and forum based roleplay- most of the RP will be through vids, but you do have the option of participating in a forum I am still in the process of setting up. In order to keep things synced between the two, major events in the forum will be suggested to be put in video form, and posted as a video response.

Now, how to audition-
1. Any program is allowed
2. Videos must be at least 30 seconds long
3. You can audition for as many characters as you like.
4. Please post a comment about which character(s) you are auditioning as, that way I can keep track.
5. Post the vid as a video response to this one, and you're good to go!

Taken Characters:
Sun Council:
Phoebus (Steele)

Council of Night:


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