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Published on Jun 20, 2011

Oh hello subscribers, both new and not-so-new! Here's what I've been up to. More videos to come, promise.

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Really? So men can't even ask woman to coffee without being called creeps? You have a degree in science, try to think logically. If no one can ask each other out, how difficult would it be to begin dating? The guy was totally innocent and you are being ridiculous. Also, I am going to go ahead and wager the real issue is you didn't find him attractive. If someone you thought was 'hot' asked you this, you'd be ecstatic, otherwise its creepy and sexual harassment. You will never find woman getting accused of the same thing for the same reason no matter what they look like. Why don't you 'check your privilege,' Ms. Watson. (hate that phrase but I couldn't resist)
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Why is it stupid? Because obviously someone who talks about this would never want to meet a man. When exactly is a good time to ask someone out? Put any implications you want. You are honestly really reaching.
If a woman just spend hours talking about such things and then you ask her out, perhaps you are being stupid? And coffee in my room is more than simply a coffee.
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Charles Veitch
I went to a coffe morning with my parents the other day. Little did I know it was a cover for rape privilege. Woke up with an arse like a bullet wound 
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He invited her to his room. I think, that's a bit different. Asking to meet at Starbucks is very different from asking to get together in a hotel room. She didn't say he was a rapist, she said it made her feel uncomfortable and maybe he shoudl have thought about that first.
Fragmenta Official
+7EsoTeriC7  Looks like he's not the only one.
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Dominick Destine
Rebecca Watson and those like her are human garbage. We would be better off without them.
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+Daniel_TGS Isn't it entirely possible that the man in question could not grasp these language skills because of his social ineptitude? In fact, from her description, I'd find that highly likely. He may have wanted to discuss her speech in a more profuse and specific manner, but If you have any intelligence, you would know that an elevator is not the best place to discuss a matter so large. Her entire rhetoric is completely hyperbolic, and she expects everybody to adhere to her rather than her to them.
+linkuei83 5:03 is Rebecca on bad pick-up techniques.  Different things do work on different people.  It helps to talk to somebody more than a little to see what kind of person they are.  She labeled him a creep because he invited her to his hotel room so quickly.  It didn't matter how attractive he may have been.  What would have worked on her is to come off as somebody who honestly wants to talk about her speeches.  Maybe he could have mentioned something specific she said instead of just talking about her speech generically.  That might have lead to a conversation in which it would be socially acceptable to invite somebody back to your hotel room.  Propositions are only harmless in a way. 
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So, a guy politely asking to hang out with you is misogynistic and sexualization? What the fuck. Just politely say "No thanks" and get on with your life. I guess I shouldn't tell women I find them interesting, even if I have no sexual interest in them, because that makes me sexist, right?
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John Something
"Her haters are bitching and carrying on like she tazed his balls and charged him with rape or something." She called him out in a public forum.  I can guarantee you he didn't feel great about it.  He knew who he was, his colleagues knew who he was.  I'm sure he had a rough time of it.  The point is, what he did was innocent.  He may have simply wanted to be friends, and if he wanted more, he wasn't a creep about it.  Men react negatively to this because when they see somebody like her make such a big deal out of an innocent move that may or may not have been sexual in nature, it makes them feel like they're walking on broken glass around women.  Who knows what little thing will be taken the wrong way or will be interpreted way too harshly?  It makes some women unapproachable(with any intent).  So yeah, I think she's being way too harsh on him.  And I'd feel the same way if it was a guy complaining about a woman hitting on him. I've had my fair share of women hit on me in many different ways.  Many of these women would be labeled a creep by her or somebody else if you switched the genders(and ONLY if you switched the genders).  But I don't.  They were just people who wanted to get to know me better.  
+John Something "She took it pretty seriously and had some rather harsh words for the guy." What "harsh words?"  She said it made her uncomfortable and  right after her speech given everything she said, he should have known better.  How seriously?  Did she call the police or what?  Her haters are bitching and carrying on like she tazed his balls and charged him with rape or something. Christ, she didn't even identify him,  or anything.  She just GASP dared to have an opinion about it! and GASP dared to mention it. She wasn't harsh, she didn't name names... the "harshness" is on the other side.  God forbid any woman should gasp say no to a man and then have the nerve to try to explain her thought process. Us poor oppressed men.  Jesus I've never seen such a big deal made out of nothing as the reaction to her literally doing nothing wrong.
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I said "Hi" to a girl in an elevator once. She said "Hi" back to me. I got out and carried on with my day. I'm really regretting it now. Hope she was okay.
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Honda Housey
+Broad Pete That word salad needs some more mayo, bro.
Broad Pete
+blah979 To numbskulls. Allan, Beyond, Emperor and Pagan, all juveniles in thought (proven by Handel)and probably body too, I say this: if, as potential but improbable men, you never learn to distinguish the subtleties of when you are overstepping the mark in your interaction with a female and when not, then best you stay single. Every teenage idiot male is subject to "not having a clue" about anything woman related. That is no excuse for any of you who are not juvenile delinquents. If you still don't get it. Context is everything. You can say peace in a context that means the opposite. If you don't believe me, then you've never seen Silence of the Lambs. The mark of a man, is to know his context and act appropriately. Unlike you bunch of fucktards.
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x sadsappysuckr
So a guy finds you interesting and that freaks you out? A guy asks you to come to his hotel room for coffee and that makes you uncomfortable? What the fuck happened to human interaction?
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Elwood O'Neil
x sadsappysuckr
+sinistar99 If someone told me they found me interesting after sitting through my pretentious babble then yeah I'd probably be flattered. I mean jesus you make it sound like she was walking through some dark alley alone and some dude jumped out of nowhere acting like a creep. They attended the same event and god ferbid a dude finds her interesting and wants to hang out with her one on one. Also did I ever call her a cunt? I don't recall calling her a name at all. I questioned her actions but never called her a name. Yes, because obviously criticizing her attitude and actions equates to me attempting to control her life. Grow up.
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khalique fields
I feel your pain, my roommate asked me if I wanted Starbucks once. I'm still visiting my therapist, but the nightmares are less frequent
Greatest comment on this video. Literally laughed outloud.
Nobody would ever sexualize you. EVER
Taelan Baylor
+Jenny Goodall  Jenny you're doing a very good job of debating this and its hard to disagree with you but late at night ESPECIALLY after drinking is when stuff goes down. If he had enough comfort with her he invites her  back. Of course if the mood was right he was going to make a move, but I think she could have handled rejected any physical advances. I really dont know how the man could have been any politer.
Jenny Goodall
You know that is not true.  My suggestion for a better way for him to approach her at 4 am, or any time, would have been to suggest meeting for coffee and conversation in a public place in the morning or early afternoon.
"Don't take this the wrong way, I find you very interesting" How in the absolute blue hell could anyone ever find this offensive, to a person or to women in general? Fuck you, seriously
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Kresten Kelaher
"Don't take this the wrong way" is what you have to say every time before speaking to this child!
+Cynical Cthulhu A man being large has no implication on his actions being proper or not. To ask is not assault. If you're prescribing that a large man should behave in any other way different from everybody else with regards to elevator behavior is discrimination to either his size or his sex. With the premise that nothing bad happened incident, I don't find anything wrong with what Dr. Dawkins wrote. He was deriding this feminist for making something out of a non-issue by sarcastically contrasting what she considered to be assault with the very real non-freedoms experienced by Muslim women.
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Matt Lott
OH MY GOD!!!! A POLITE INVITATION!! HE MUST BE A RAPIST!!!!!! How... did... he... sexualize... you....? I've asked dudes, I'm straight, to come over for beer and to discuss philosophy/politics/music/video games because I thought they were interesting and had interesting views. Quit victimizing yourself. You're a terrible person. 
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Christopher Rasmussen
+Brandon Price Not this time. Currently the Illuminati are keeping a tenuous truce with the Reptilian Resistance to stop the Scientologist's evil Thetan Ray. I got it from the top. Travolta and Cruise are set as Generals in the war that will follow.
Taelan Baylor
+Nicholas S Straight up? The guy who invited her was looking for some poon, but you are absolutely right about him not just wanting sex. He played his hand completely right. He gave her plausible deniability to come in and an easy out to say no by "drink coffee and talking some more." I havent banged scores of women, but I've got some respectable experience, and they way that guy played his hand was completely right. She doesn't have to say yes to coffee in his room and she has the right to be a little shocked and say "no", but for her to come on youtube and tell everyone what this guy did was out of line is goddamn frustrating. Girls if you think, feel and act the way this woman does then you're tying out hands behind out back. Women rarely RARELY ever give you a full green light. Its nothing but yellow lights. I've talked to many of my guy friends and the lament that its only ever yellow lights and its a real bitch navigating them because if you mess up SURPRISE!  its a red light and you're a creep and that yellow light turn out to have never been yellow after all... even though we all know it was yellow. On the flip side if you navigate the mixed signals and yellow lights you can girlfriendize her and get the best out of her. Anyways, girls. If you're offended by the sexual advances of men then all of you need to get together and start giving some green light and abolish the yellow light. This "asking for consent" stuff is lip serving rhetoric and I've never seen it in action. We push through yellow lights because we've had success doing it and know its just part of the game you girls put up. Well thats my rant. Hope someone liked it or has some good points to argue against it. Take care y'all.
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