Chairman McKeon on Fox: Administration Giving Mixed Message on Sequestration





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Published on Jul 9, 2012


  1. 45

    Rep. Mac Thornberry: Questions remain about Administration's response to Libya terrorist attack

  2. 46

    Rep. Michael Turner on CNN to Discuss Breaking News on Libya

  3. 47

    Fox Special Report Highlights House Letter to President on Libya Transparency

  4. 48

    Rep. Mac Thornberry on CNN Outfront to Discuss Unanswered Questions on Libya

  5. 49

    Chairman McKeon on Fox to Discuss Latest Update on Libya

  6. 50

    McKeon Statement on National Security and Jobs Protection Act

  7. 51

    Chairman McKeon on Fox and Friends Discussing Labor Department's Misguided Memo

  8. 52

    Fox News Breaks Down Politically Motivated Labor Department Memo

  9. 53

    HASC Members Discuss the Process for Laying Off Civilians Under Sequsetration

  10. 54

    Secretary Panetta on Sequestration Effects to Veterans Transition Systems

  11. 55

    Congressman Tom Rooney Discusses Damaging Sequestration

  12. 56

    Congressman Allen West Discusses Damaging Sequestration

  13. 57

    Congressman Steve Palazzo Discusses Damaging Sequestration

  14. 58

    Congressman Scott Rigell Discusses Sequestration

  15. 59

    Congressman Joe Wilson Discussing Sequestration

  16. 60

    Small Business Owner Della Williams on Damaging Sequestration Cuts

  17. 61

    McKeon Speaks in Favor of Sequestration Transparency Act

  18. 62

    Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Urges for Resolution of Sequestration

  19. 63

    Fox News' Wendell Goler on Sequestration

  20. 64

    Armed Services Committee Demands Answers for DOD Reports Limit

  21. Chairman McKeon on Fox: Administration Giving Mixed Message on Sequestration

  22. 66


  23. 67

    Michael Mukasey Opposes Adam Smith-Justin Amash Amendment

  24. 68

    ICYMI: Legal Experts Oppose Adam Smith-Justin Amash Amendment

  25. 69

    Chairman McKeon: Reconciliation Must Pass

  26. 70

    McKeon Discusses the President's Recent Afghanistan Visit

  27. 71

    Too Many Dangers Confront America to be Slashing our Defenses

  28. 72

    General Jack Keane on Calls for an Accelerated Withdrawal

  29. 73

    Amb. Ryan Crocker on Fox to discuss Afghanistan

  30. 74

    Listening to Generals on the Ground

  31. 75

    Obama Administration Raises Health Care Premiums on Troops and Retirees

  32. 76

    FY 13 Budget Request from U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command

  33. 77

    Fox Special Report covers violence against U.S. Troops

  34. 78

    McKeon on CNN to discuss latest Afghanistan developments

  35. 79

    Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization Budget Request from the Department of the Army

  36. 80

    Governance, Oversight, and Management of the Nuclear Security Enterprise

  37. 81

    FY13 National Defense Authorization Budget Request from the Department of the Navy

  38. 82

    FY13 National Defense Authorization Budget Request from the Department of Defense

  39. 83

    Rep. Wittman on Fox Special Report to Discuss Oversight Report on Detainee

  40. 84

    Doing Business with DOD: Contracting and Regulatory Issues

  41. 85

    Joint Hearing: Update on accountability at Arlington National Cemetery

  42. 86

    The Use of Afghan Nationals to Provide Security to U.S. Forces

  43. 87

    DOD Perspectives on Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Efforts

  44. 88

    An Appeal to the President: Make a Down Payment to Protect National Security

  45. 89

    Getting Innovative Solutions from Concept to the Hands of the Warfighter

  46. 90

    Doing Business with DOD: Unique Challenges Faced by Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

  47. 91

    Fox News Details the President's New Lead from Behind Strategy

  48. 92

    McKeon and Landry Discuss NDAA Detainee Provisions

  49. 93

    McKeon on Fox Discussing Repeal of Sequestration Cuts

  50. 94

    Fox News Interview with Chairman McKeon on Sequestration

  51. 95

    CNN Interview with Chairman McKeon on Sequestration

  52. 96

    "On You Depend The Fortunes Of America"

  53. 97

    Krauthammer and Hayes: Defense Sequestration Won't Stand

  54. 98

    Creating a 21st Century Defense Industry

  55. 99

    Industry Perspectives on Achieving Audit Readiness

  56. 100

    United States Marine Corps Acquisition and Modernization

  57. 101

    Commissioning of the USS California, Rep. Buck McKeon

  58. 102

    Joint Hearing: A Day Without Seapower and Projection Forces

  59. 103

    Service Chiefs Warn of Specific Consequences to Defense Cuts

  60. 104

    DOD's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation Efforts

  61. 105

    Institutionalizing Irregular Warfare Capabilities

  62. 106

    The Current Status and Future Direction for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and Posture

  63. 107

    Fiscal Year 2012 Combat Aviation Programs Update

  64. 108

    The Future of the Military Services and Consequences of Defense Sequestration

  65. 109

    The Defense Industrial Base: The Role of the Department of Defense

  66. 110

    Readiness in the Age of Austerity

  67. 111

    Army Acquisition and Modernization

  68. 112

    Economic Consequences of Defense Sequestration

  69. 113

    Military Retirement Reform

  70. 114

    The Defense Industrial Base: A National Security Imperative

  71. 115

    McKeon on Cavuto: $465 Billion is already a severe cut

  72. 116

    The Future of National Defense: Perspectives from Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey

  73. 117

    Human Consequences to Defense Cuts

  74. 118

    National Guard and Reserve component acquisition and modernization

  75. 119

    The Future of National Defense: Perspectives of Former Chairmen of the Committee on Armed Services

  76. 120

    Is the Financial Management Workforce Positioned to Achieve DOD's Financial Improvement Goals?

  77. 121

    National Defense:: Perspectives from Former Service Chiefs and Vice Chiefs

  78. 122

    Fox News Looks at Severe Defense Cuts on the Horizon

  79. 123

    Update on Arlington Cemetery Reforms

  80. 124

    Afghan National Security Forces

  81. 125

    The Future of U.S. Special Operations Forces: Ten Years After 9/11

  82. 126

    DOD's Efforts to Improve Payment and Funds Control

  83. 127

    Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Air National Guard readiness, training and operations

  84. 128

    Challenges to Doing Business with the Department of Defense

  85. 129

    McKeon Highlights Concerns Over Military Cuts

  86. 130

    Sustaining GPS for National Security

  87. 131

    Organizational Challenges in Achieving Sound Financial Management and Audit Readiness

  88. 132

    Future of National Defense Ten Years After 9/11: Perspectives from Outside Experts

  89. 133

    Current Status of Suicide Prevention Programs in the Military

  90. 134

    The Future of National Defense and the U.S. Military Ten Years After 9/11

  91. 135

    Department of Defense Component Audit Efforts

  92. 136

    Provide for the Common Defense: The U.S. Military 10 Years After 9/11

  93. 137

    Fox News Profiles the Dire State of our Military Readiness

  94. 138

    Sustaining Nuclear Deterrence After New START

  95. 139

    DOD's Plans for Financial Management Improvement and Achieving Audit Readiness

  96. 140

    The Reserve Components as an Operational Force

  97. 141

    The Way Ahead in Afghanistan

  98. 142

    Total Force Readiness

  99. 143

    Defense Department Investment in Technology

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